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  1. My Country, Tis of Thee
  2. 300,000 Wild Cats Invade Florida?
  3. Celebrity Rehab? 'Sober House
  4. Cops: Trenton 7-year-old gang raped after 15-year-old sister pimps her out
  5. .
  6. 7.2 Earthhquake Baja Ca
  7. This & That Thread
  8. Topless protest organizer enraged men were looking.
  9. Presidential Moments/Blunders
  10. West Virginia Mine Survivor: Blast Felt Like 'Hurricane-Force Winds'
  11. Tsunami Alerts Lifted After Major 7.8 Indonesia Quake (WTF)
  12. L.A. Shuts Down Part Time (SOS)
  13. Tyler Texas man gets 35 years for 4.6 ounces of Marijuana (WTF)
  14. Mudslide Engulfs Brazilian Slum; 200 Feared Dead
  15. Foreclosure auction of Nicolas Cage's mansion is a flop
  16. The World's Smallest 4-Seat Car
  17. Chinese Grandma Gets a Second Horn (Rhino Woman)
  18. (WTF!?)The little girls' room won't be just for little girls anymore
  19. Tacky Politics..(Death Wishes Expressed)
  20. President of Poland Killed in Plane Crash in Russia
  21. Who is Old Enough to Remember?
  22. 1,300 U.S. troops stranded at airfield in Kyrgyzstan
  23. Technical Errors My Ass! (Fucking Brits...LOL)
  24. (Serbia Quake) -last Page- Magnitude 6.9 Quake Western China/ Major 6.9 earthquake
  25. Drug Gangs Kill 9 in Honduras, Violence Grows
  26. Phil Mickelson Wins His 3rd Master's!
  27. Arthur Mercante Was 'True Class Act'
  28. The BARDS Famous Ten Questions
  29. Diva Watch
  30. Actor Steven Seagal sued for keeping sex slaves
  31. PLAYBOY: Tells Kate Gosselin..NO!
  32. The case of the "chocolate negilgee"
  33. Roethlisberger's 'Ben Beef Jerky' deal dead
  34. Peru glacier breaks up, causes tsunami
  35. Clilantro Hater here, and now I know why.
  36. Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcano Baffles & STOPS The World Trade/Travel/Commerce
  37. Last Sardine Cannery in U.S. closing down
  38. CNN's Larry King files for divorce from 7th wife
  39. Mel Gibson Dumps Russian Baby Mama
  40. The ALL HAT, NO CATTLE Thread
  41. Government: More than 22,000 dead in Mexico drug war
  42. Tweet Tweet.......
  43. Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky (signs & Wonders)
  44. Sign of the Times ( Reverance No More)
  45. Bard Fucking Membership Drive
  46. 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
  47. The Geico Lizard Commercial/ Favorite Commercials
  48. Such a sad day......
  49. Dwarf Michael Jackson impersonator attacked
  50. China mineral dominance concerns U.S. ... long-reaching implications
  51. Vegan Master....
  52. From me to You
  53. Judge: Declares & Rules Natl Day Of Prayer Unconstitutional
  54. White Supremacists Get Off Easy! LOL
  55. MMA Strikeforce Brawl Shields/Henderson Fight
  56. Campus Faith Group Takes Fight to Supreme Court
  57. Clinton Chides 'Right-Wing Media
  58. Welcome To 'Stock-Talk' StrayStar's Daily Stock Market Commentary
  59. Defend Christianity ???
  60. MRI Series Scan (ANYONE had one?)
  61. Iranian Cleric Says Promiscuous Women Are to Blame for Earthquakes
  62. Raquel Welch....WTF?
  63. Supreme Court strikes down animal cruelty law
  64. My Apologies on the Dwarf Thread (Deleted By Mistake)
  65. Wrenchbender Airline Safety
  66. Ex-Military Brass: US Youth 'Too Fat to Fight'
  67. American Auto Industry: Good News
  68. A Medical Adventure...LOL!
  69. Bisexual men claim discrimination in Gay World Series
  70. Betty White Gobbles The 'NAKED' Dog....
  71. Jon Stewart Tells Fox News To “Go F*ck Yourselves”
  72. Franklin Graham Stands By Islam Evil Comments
  73. Leno ? Letterman or Conan?
  74. Deadly airborne fungus in Oregon set to spread
  75. Merle Haggard Still Going Strong on 'I Am What I Am'
  76. SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed !!!!!
  77. Substantial risk of severe storms/Tornadoes Friday, Saturday
  78. Dog hero leads troopers to fire in Alaska
  79. Children Living in Sewers
  80. Joni Mitchell Calls Bob Dylan A Plagiarist & Fake
  81. Make My Day!
  82. Worlds SMALLEST Horse....LOL
  83. Debt-Ridden Greece Asks for EU-IMF Rescue
  84. " ...and I have never met a pumpkin grower that I didn't like. "
  85. The Tom Turkeys are taking over!
  86. All Right Bard, It's DONE.
  87. Massive Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (Worst enviromental Disaster in History)
  88. Tito Ortiz arrested on domestic violence charges
  89. Deadly VS Violent
  90. Noah's Ark Located (Mount Ararat Expeditions)
  91. (FUCK YOU 'BLINKY BLANKENFEIN!!') Goldman Executives Grilled
  92. California County Bans Toys in Kids' Meals - Big Brother decides for parents in CA
  93. Nation's first offshore wind farm approved for Nantucket Sound
  94. Holy Man Claims to Have Lived Without Food, Water for 70 Years
  95. Eagle Cam With Eagle Baby Eagle
  96. Treatment of Immigrant Detainees
  97. We Are Private Again
  98. Quail Hollow Tournament Update
  99. Your First Car?
  100. Young Woman gets 15-to-life for DUI fatal crash
  101. Tough Names to Live With? WTF?
  102. Obama Takes Direct Aim at Anti-Government Rhetoric
  103. Bard, be on the lookout!
  104. The Last Ride.....
  105. Report: Lightning kills at least 16, injures scores in parts of Bangladesh
  106. The Bards Breakfast
  107. Dog Picture Thread.....(Bard-Style)
  108. Tiger's 1st and Gloria Allred at it AGAIN
  109. Sniper kills Qaeda-from 1˝ mi. away
  110. Film producer strikes gold on YouTube
  111. Florida State Senator, Caught Looking At Porn During Floor Debate On Abortion
  112. North Korean leader Kim to meet top China officials during rare trip abroad
  113. 3 Dead as Greeks Riot over Spending Cuts
  114. Most Popular OR Longest thread...You Have Ever Seen?
  115. Whatever happened to ....
  116. Why do I find all this hard to believe?
  117. Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape
  118. The sweet smell of romance is in the air....
  119. States of the Union in Deepest Debt
  120. BP's new motto
  121. The Bardonia Brigade (So what if they're shy a few members
  122. N cup
  123. WEE-dick TSA Officer Fights Back!!
  124. Jukebox
  125. Bank Failures Mount
  126. Suspence Theatre
  127. Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans
  128. 3 Term Republican Incumbent Ousted!
  129. Happy Mothers Day
  130. Legendary Singer Lena Horne Dies at 92
  131. Elena Kagan To Be Tapped as Next Supreme Court Justice
  132. 'A Few Good Men'
  133. Where's Paco? Dog Lost on Flight, Delta Offers $200
  134. Cub Frustrates Mama Bear..(lol)
  135. Tea Party Turns on Roger Ebert, Mocks His Cancer (Updated)
  136. Obama Swipes at Media, Says 'Information' Onslaught Pressuring 'Democracy'
  137. I bet We Never Anticipated This Aspect of Progress?
  138. China Breaking News .. 7 CHILDREN Slaughtered By knife Weilding Demoniac
  139. Just how sick are some human's minds???
  140. Credit card cancellation
  141. Michael Jackson Kids Hamming it up on Youtube
  142. Oh For Fuck Sake!
  143. Killer Civil Unrest In Thailand Escalates
  144. The Next Obama Bailout
  145. Final Journey For Space Shuttle Atlantis
  146. Australian teen nears end of round-the-world sail
  147. National Peace Officers Memorial Day
  148. Ball-Busting little Person Wrestler
  149. 114 terracotta warriors rise in new excavation
  150. News Anchor Shocks With Racy On-Air Comment
  151. Supreme Court Rules 'Sexually Dangerous' Can Be Held Longer Than Sentences
  152. Video games....
  153. For StrayStar & Company
  154. Texas Text Book Changes Will Deepen Divides
  155. Sodom and Gomorrha Baby....get it on God
  156. Misspoke My Ass You Lying Fuck!!
  157. "cheeky"
  158. 1111--aaaa
  159. CBS axes "Cold Case, Numb3rs, Ghost Whisperer".....
  160. Can she keep her crown? How about keep her HEAD???
  161. Caption This?
  162. Heads will roll you lying pieces of shit.....
  163. Arizona Ups the Ante (Civil War Brewing)
  164. Bret Michaels on 'Oprah': I Asked God to Keep Me Alive
  165. Draw Mohammed and DIE!!!!
  166. Michelle Obama Takes Immigration Question - from 2nd grader
  167. Rand Paul ? Anti Israel? Racist?
  168. NFL Teammates 'Imported' Girls For Weekend Romps
  169. Lindsay Lohan: " It's Everyone's Fault But Mine "
  170. How many children live in your home?
  171. 16 Tornadoes Touch Down In Okla.
  172. Cyclone Kills at Least 15 in Southeast India
  173. "Lance Armstrong Done" Cyclist Floyd Landis Snitches /Tattles/Alleges
  174. 'Thats Fucked Up' Events Thread...
  175. LOL! Poor, poor Islams
  176. Chicago Mayor Snaps at Reporter Who Questions Handgun Ban
  177. Doomsday Digs Growing in Popularity
  178. 169 Feared Killed On Board Air India Flight
  179. 'Friday Night Lights'
  180. Scientist: 'We didn't create life from scratch'
  181. Lincoln Students Face Suspension for Letting Green Cards Fly
  182. Hot lead for Stray
  183. Iran May Benefit From Sanctions Loophole (WTF?)
  184. Prosecution Asks To Subpoena Naomi Campbell In War Crimes Trial
  185. Obama's New World Order
  186. Omg !!!
  187. Making fun of Muslims is OK on Bards
  188. Kkk
  189. BC is a Bigot Friendly Board
  190. Obama has ruined our health care system
  191. Nature Conservancy (and others) caught in bed with BP
  192. Willie Mays Tribute
  193. Alleged drug kingpin arrested in Jamaica
  194. So, Bard
  195. Open For Edna Reregister ASAP
  196. What was this REALLY about?
  197. Tennis match or a fashion show?
  198. A Belated Birthday Greeting Maya Angelou's
  199. Dana White Talks Rampage vs. Evans
  200. University of Texas Considers Renaming Dorm After KKK Link Found
  201. Compromise Reached on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
  202. U.S. said to order secret military action
  203. Owner of chimpanzee in Conn. mauling dies at 72
  204. I just checked in the Poetry forum and.....
  205. BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill
  206. After 18,000 Deliveries, Doctor, 100, Still Working
  207. The Prince's Panties
  208. I Wish...
  209. United States Military being Out-Gunned In Afganistan
  210. Paleryder could this be you???
  211. Debt Per Taxpayer - $117,985
  212. BREAKING NEWS..Art Linkletter dies at 97
  213. Federal ban on gay men's blood donation to be reconsidered
  214. ATF agents describe fear of retaliation
  215. UK has 'fewer than 225 nuclear weapons'
  216. 'Leaving Islam?' NYC Bus Ads Targeting Disenfranchised Muslims
  217. Simon Bids Farewell
  218. BREAKING NEWS: BP's 'top kill' method is reportedly effective
  219. Clock ticking on 100,000 teachers' jobs
  220. Gary Coleman is in critical condition with head injury
  221. Signs and Wonders!
  222. The Crossbow Cannibal *gasp*
  223. "At the Sign of the cat"
  224. Government Getting TOO BIG! (WTF)
  225. THREE Volcanos Erupt in Guatemala/Ecuador (Breaking News)
  226. Bloodthirsty scum of the earth.
  227. Where's the liberal outrage!!!!????
  228. Dennis Hopper Dies
  229. All-time Best Westerns
  230. I do Not Blame Her
  231. Bull Wins..........(WARNING GRAPHIC)
  232. Deadly Tropical Killer Storm 'Agatha' Hits Guatemala Killing 12
  233. Sink the ships and let 'em all drown.....
  234. Kung Fu Bear..(Must See)
  235. Obama in Chicago: Secret Service Standoff with Farrakhan's Guards
  236. 14-16 Dead as Israeli Ships Attack Aid Flotilla (updated)
  237. Memorial Day
  238. On this day
  239. Woman sues Google after being hit by a car while using walking directions
  240. Al Qaeda announces death of No. 3 man, intel group says
  241. 'sup?
  242. BREAKING NEWS: Al and Tipper Gore decide to separate
  243. BREAKING NEWS:U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says he has launched a criminal inves
  244. U.S.-Developed Vaccine 'Could Eliminate' Breast Cancer
  245. Happy Birthday Marilyn
  246. OMG! Oil spill could last till Christmas or even a DECADE!
  247. China Passes on Visit by Defense Chief Gates
  248. Malnutrition killing elderly in U.S.
  249. 60,000 evacuated in Pakistan as Cyclone Phet approaches
  250. Animals die, drown on Zimbabwe's Starvation Island