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  1. Study Shows 10 States Sell Half of Imported Crime Guns
  2. Monday's Triva
  3. UCLA pounds Texas
  4. Federal Offense to Contact Aliens
  5. Sad News
  6. Football legend George Blanda dead at 83
  7. More Women Say 'I Do' to Prenups
  8. Hey, all. Just dropping by to say hello. (From Chopsbuster)
  9. Tuesday's Trivia
  10. The Squirrels Are on Parade
  11. Many Americans Know Little About Religion
  12. Amid doubts, deficit panel eyes retirement, tax
  13. Look at what my DIL sent me LOL
  14. Breaking bread with Bard
  15. Wednesday's Trivia
  16. 140 million to 1
  17. Obama Wants/threatens to Shutdown The Internet
  18. Violence Against the Homeless: Is It Growing?
  19. Nicole, Stalled Causes Serious Flood Threat in East (REPORT IN PLEASE)
  20. Tens of thousands demonstrate in Europe over spending cuts
  21. If there's water, there's going to be life....
  22. Spy Plane flies for 4 days.....
  23. Home again
  24. Oscar-Nominated Actor Tony Curtis Dead at 85
  25. Back from the minor emergency room
  26. This is OVER THE Top!!??
  27. Paladino scuffle with reporter 'Tony Soprano-like'
  28. One Nation March?
  29. Throw another brick and see what happens...
  30. The Get-away of a Lifetime (Must See)
  31. Another one bites the dust...
  32. US apologizes for infecting Guatemalans with STDs in the 1940s
  33. California Reduces Penalties for Pot Possession
  34. To My Secret Pal Thank You
  35. Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN
  36. Amy Fisher Goes XXX
  37. Outrage Intensifies in Pakistan Over NATO Strikes as Militants Attack Fuel Truck
  38. Orange County, China
  39. My favorite Books are...
  40. Druids Recognized as Religion for First Time in UK
  41. Merle Haggard Speaks His Mind!
  42. Where Are the Moderate Muslims? Look Here
  43. Whats in a Title?
  44. Bee Hummingbird ... hummingbird resembles a bee
  45. Travel Alert in Europe
  46. Im thinking of making this my sigline
  47. I dunno how it got there officer???
  48. India hopes for glow after gloom as Commonwealth Games open
  49. Superyachts Entice Billionaires With Sonic Cannons, Airplanes
  50. Homecoming King Stripped of Title
  51. Why in the F%!# did they appoint her?
  52. Well, she's standing up to them so Germany will get attacked.
  53. Monday's trivia
  54. Hypocritical trash freaks. Green my ASS.
  55. JonBenet Ramsey Death Gets Fresh Look (AGAIN)
  56. The World Famous Bards Ten Questions
  57. Worst-Case Scenario
  58. Ass crack news.......
  59. Tuesday's Trivia
  60. No Wednesday's trivia
  61. Trump 'Seriously Considering' 2012 Presidential Bid
  62. NO Social Security Increase For 2011
  63. Indonesia Flash Flooding Kills Dozens
  64. Baltimore shows how Hispanics' influence grows
  65. Local hero
  66. couple articles that make me see red
  67. Help Me Out Here? 'Donovan' Lost & Found
  68. 25 NATO Supply Trucks Torched in Pakistan
  69. Thursday's trivia
  70. Best laid plans of mice and men, go screwy every time lol
  71. Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite.
  72. Toxic sludge from Hungary reaches Danube
  73. Is this a Surprise Party?
  74. Say yes Poll...(To Open LOCKED Ross Thread)
  75. Italy Sends Soldiers to South to Combat Powerful New Mafia
  76. Can You Feel it?
  77. What Would You Have Done? (Poll)
  78. Presenting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Most Egregious Snubs
  79. Happy Belated Birthday John
  80. End of S. Cal. Bardonia collaspe. The End.
  81. Business As Usual ?????
  82. Solomon Burke dies at Amsterdam airport at 70
  83. Google Reveals Its Robot Cars Are Among Us
  84. I wonder If the IMF is Broke?
  85. Allegations of Brett Favre Explicit Photos Unleash Legal Storm
  86. Monday's Trivia
  87. Bard, I am having a little problem with the board
  88. Famed Opera Singer Joan Sutherland Dies at 83
  89. (Tomas Kills 12) Killer Typhoon Megi Cat 4 to Philippines Kills Scores!
  90. Mortgage Bullies?: Banks Accused of Illegally Breaking Into Homes Facing Foreclosure
  91. Pope denounces terror in God's name
  92. Tuesday's Trivia
  93. Angst
  94. 'The Wars' None Want to Fight.
  95. Wednesday's Trivia
  96. I think we just had an earthquake
  97. Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Tsunami
  98. Sparta!!!!
  99. Thursday's trivia
  100. Islamic Mosque Smeared in Hate
  101. Dozens Report UFO Over New York City
  102. Two Hosts Walk Off 'The View' During Argument With Bill O'Reilly
  103. Iran's Ahmadinejad Gets Hero's Welcome Near Israeli Border
  104. NY County Creating List of Animal Abusers
  105. Clint Eastwood ponders mortality with 'Hereafter'
  106. No Thanks! I'll Just Bite The Bullet! If it's All The Same To You ? Lol!
  107. Dane Cook's half brother jailed for embezzling millions from actor
  108. Indian Ocean volcano erupts for 2nd time this year
  109. George Foreman Tribute
  110. Anti-Islam U.K. Group Forging Tea Party Links
  111. We NEED More Tags, Parties, Factions & Derision
  112. Hepburn
  113. Give Me A Break
  114. Barbara Billingsley of 'Leave it to Beaver' fame dies
  115. Fucking Pirates
  116. I wonder what it is????
  117. Hey Cowboy...How about untying Axl???
  118. Official: Yemeni forces battling al Qaeda
  119. German multiculturalism has 'failed,' Merkel says
  120. Monday's Trivia
  121. The Crystal Cathedral files for Bankruptcy
  122. Taliban's Influence Expands Into Northern Afghanistan
  123. How Many Message-Boards??
  124. Happy Birthday Haley1050
  125. Tuesday's Trivia
  126. Tom Bosley Dead (breaking News)
  127. NFL Rules Change
  128. Generation Homeless: The New Faces of an Old Problem
  129. Rand Paul all Butt-Hurt Over Debate
  130. Jean-Claude Van Damme Reportedly Suffers Heart Attack on Set
  131. Wife of Clarence Thomas asks Anita Hill to consider an apology
  132. Wednesday's Trivia
  133. This can only happen to me
  134. Christine O'Donnell Supporters Decry Debate Coverage
  135. Texas Teens Pledge to Go Makeup-Free
  136. New Galaxy found
  137. Thursday's Trivia
  138. Death by celery! 4 deaths tied to bacteria at Texas food processing plant !
  139. MILLIONS Protest in France
  140. Did Juan Williams Say What Most People Are Thinking?
  141. Ad Watch: Extremely Graphic Abortion Ad Airs in D.C. Metro
  142. WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange dismisses reports of internal strife
  143. Texas Rangers ..'World Series'
  144. Fucking Feedback (Pitch a Bitch) Thread
  145. Death toll Rises To 3,000 Haitian cholera outbreak
  146. Midterm Politics Update
  147. G20 Vows to Avoid Currency Devaluations
  148. A Little help Thread ??
  149. U.S. congressman calls for YouTube to remove videos featuring militant
  150. Monday's Trivia
  151. White House Adviser: US Must Prepare for Asteroid
  152. Bard???
  153. Tuesday's Trivia
  154. Indonesia: 7.7-magnitude earthquake, At least 103 people dead, 150 missing
  155. '240' Dead Indonesian Volcano (StrayStars Photo Vacation Commentary of The Region)
  156. '240' Dead Indonesian Volcano (StrayStars Photo Vacation Commentary of The Region)
  157. Severe storms, near-hurricane-force winds & Tornados blow through Midwest
  158. Cholera kills 1,555 in Nigeria, says U.N.
  159. Happy Birthday Wizz
  160. Powers Booth a Favorite of the Bards
  161. Report: Taliban Unscathed by U.S. Campaign
  162. Wednesday's Trivia
  163. Thursday's Trivia
  164. Open letter to Rush Limbaugh and his listeners
  165. Basic old fashioned fuck you thread
  166. Big Butt
  167. Need Drugs? Visit Your Local ER.....
  168. A thought
  169. Bullies/Liars/Slanderers Beware
  170. James MacArthur, (Swiss Family Robinson) Original 'Hawaii Five-0' Danno, Dead at 72
  171. Odd packages probed as possible terror dry run Also, Jets scrambled to intercept a
  172. Terror plot thwarted as US-bound explosives seized
  173. Is There a Cennter News Agency?
  174. CAGW Launches New Nationwide Ad Campaign
  175. If I were a terrorist.....
  176. Blues_Blvd Welcome to the Bards
  177. Ron Howard Defends Gay Joke's Inclusion in Film
  178. NYC Considers a No Catcall Zone ?
  179. 'Time Traveler' Spied in 1928 Chaplin Film (Only at The Bards)
  180. It's About Time The TRUTH Was Told! 'Booze Kills!'
  181. Queen For a Day
  182. Monday's Trivia
  183. Death toll rises to 58 in Iraq Catholic church standoff
  184. Felix The Cat & His Bag of tricks Tribute
  185. Haiti to get hit by Hurricane??? Cholera kills over 500 Threatens Millions
  186. Damned Politicians
  187. Tuesday's Trivia
  188. You Know It's Gonna Be a Rotten Day when
  189. Election Night Thread
  190. Wednesday's Trivia
  191. I finally have my computer back
  192. Not For Sale!
  193. Muslim Group to Sue Okla. Over Shariah Law Amendment
  194. No trivia or laughs today
  195. Hall-of-Fame manager Sparky Anderson dies
  196. David Cassidy charged with DUI
  197. Keith Olbermann Suspended Indefinitely by MSNBC
  198. Oscar-nominated actress Jill Clayburgh dies at 66
  199. Don't Forget, Set your Clocks Back?
  200. BCS Screwed Up
  201. Skin into Blood
  202. USA Military Buildup for CHINA?
  203. It doesn't help their cause IMO
  204. Bikers For the Bieber
  205. Can Curtailing Speech Hinder Genocide?
  206. Monday's Trivia
  207. Residents of Missouri Town Block Protesters From Picketing Soldier's Funeral
  208. Get The Hell out Wade and take Romo with you!
  209. Jury Recommends Death for Connecticut Man in Home Invasion Rape-Murders
  210. Pamela Anderson in Israel to Promote Fur Ban
  211. The devil inside her.....
  212. Tuesday's Trivia
  213. Keep him............
  214. Dear 'Mr' President Bush...
  215. They're DESPERATE!
  216. Wednesday's Trivia
  217. Happy Birthday CooCooTheLooseScrew (35)
  218. Veterans Day
  219. Piggy bank made of actual piglet sparks death threats
  220. Lou Dobbs joins former rival Fox
  221. 'Pedophile's Guide' Sparks Angry Criticism of Amazon
  222. Thursday's Trivia
  223. Legendary Filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis Dies at 91
  224. Dead
  225. Rachel Maddow Jon Stewart interview
  226. 'Invasive' Airport Screening Stirs Backlash Among Airline Passengers
  227. Which Late Night Host Needs to Quit? My Favorites are Fallon & Ferguson
  228. Child neglect charges??? WTF?
  229. The Scientific Method aka LUNCH
  230. Conservatives, Soros Is the New ACORN/Senator Jay Rockefeller Denounces FREE SPEECH!
  231. Catholic Bishops: More Exorcists Needed
  232. Prescription drug addiction fueled by doctors' efforts to treat pain
  233. Oh, yes: Study finds men also fake orgasm
  234. Not the General Sherman
  235. Global Death Plan
  236. US Created 'Safe Haven' for Nazis, Report Says
  237. U.K. Armed-Forces Head Says Islamic Extremism Canít Be Defeated
  238. Wikipedia founder threatens to add ads
  239. Monday's Trivia
  240. Hero Dog Euthanized by Accident in Ariz. Shelter
  241. Tuesday's trivia
  242. The Religion of Peace Part 1
  243. Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta
  244. Wednesday's trivia
  245. Demon Attacks School-Children?
  246. Volcanos in & around Tomohon, Minahasa, North Sulawesi Indonesia
  247. Touch Bard's Junk
  248. Thursday's Trivia
  249. A paraprosdokian
  250. The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century