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Gladiator Arena [Archive] - Page 55 - Bard's Coliseum


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  1. Wednesday's trivia
  2. Wednesday's laughs
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Air Canada flight reported on fire over Sydney
  4. Space station to plunge into ocean at end in 2020
  5. Historic rains kill at least 35 in South Korea
  6. Thursday's Trivia
  7. Thursday's Trivia
  8. Old country preacher........
  9. Let TSA help you to your flight
  10. I am tired of hearing.......
  11. Texas coast scenes
  12. Guilty by virtue of "looking suspicious"...?
  13. Was Jesus an idiot?
  14. As if it wasn't hot enough outside, I tried to cook myself
  15. Speaking of HOT
  16. Counting Our Blessings
  17. Friday's Really Silly Stuff....
  18. 6.4-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Japan
  19. How The Hell Does This Happen??
  20. Come fly with me!
  21. Maine coast scenes
  22. Tractor Show
  23. QUAKE 6.8 Papua New Guinea
  24. Monday's Trivia
  25. Monday's laughs
  26. Vladimir Putin Calls US a 'Parasite' on World Economy
  27. Tuesday's trivia
  28. Tuesday's Laughs
  29. Wednesday's Trivia
  30. @#$! AC out again
  31. Wednesday's laughs
  32. Bubba Smith, NFL star and 'Police Academy' actor, found dead at home
  33. Bad Police Work
  34. Jerry Lewis, 85, retires/MDA chairman, will miss telethon 1st time in 45 years
  35. Rolling black outs and water rationing
  36. Daffynitions...
  37. David Cassidy goes after 'Partridge Family' fortune
  38. Phlegm spackled frog cakes
  39. Please pass me the Scotch
  40. It's a hot day in Texas!
  41. America's Third War: The U.S. Cut a Deal With the Sinaloa Cartel, Say Court Documents
  42. Chopper crash kills 31 US troops....25 Navy Seals
  43. Government spending
  44. The Response Meeting In Houston Today
  45. Almost 1,500 Millionaires Do Not Pay Income Tax
  46. Israel Protests: 270,000 Demonstrate Against Rising Cost Of Living
  47. Mysterious Orange Goo Baffles Remote Alaska Village
  48. Somali famine kills thousands of children
  49. Monday's trivia
  50. Monday's Laughs
  51. "I've come to give you an enema".
  52. Extra laughs LOL
  53. London Ablaze! Historic Civil Unrest!
  54. Tuesday's Trivia
  55. Violent Flash Mobs to Visit Your City Next??
  56. Stars Fall Upon Hard Times
  57. US Israel Construction Plans Cause Of Concern
  58. SETI has it all wrong
  59. We got our electric back, back to back thunderstorms :)
  60. Texans Recycle Urine To Combat Drought
  61. Obama praises American Muslims for contributions since 9/11 attacks
  62. Thursday's Trivia
  63. Thursday's Laughs
  64. Barefoot Bandit Signs $1.3 Movie Deal With 20th Century Fox
  65. S&P Downgrades Much of Europe
  66. Rome police arrest Colosseum 'gladiator' gang
  67. US reports first death from vampire bat
  68. Appeals Court Rules Portion of Obama Health Care Bill Unconstitutiona
  69. Superfluous dipthongs
  70. Stage Collapses at Indiana State Fair; at Least 5 Dead
  71. We are back from our farm, good news and bad news.
  72. The Worst Job You EVER Had?
  73. Smuggled Dogs Rescued From Slaughter By Thai Authorities (DISTURBING VIDEO)
  74. Who owns America? Hint: It's not China/ Pakistan Sells Out The USA To China!
  75. 'Planet of The Apes'
  76. Google Buys Motorola - Hola!
  77. Monday's Trivia
  78. Monday's Laughs
  79. Flawless logic
  80. Buffet Says TAX the Rich MORE!
  81. The new Dumbo jet
  82. Breaking News
  83. Tuesday's Trivia
  84. Tuesday's Laughs
  85. The Bards Server?
  86. Big Brother is Here!
  87. Church to Fight Washington State Decision to Prohibit Baptism in Public Park
  88. Wednesday's Trivia
  89. Wednesday's Laughs
  90. American Terrorists More Dangerous Than Foreign??
  91. Deer rescued in Alaska
  92. Thursday's Trivia
  93. Thursday's Laughs
  94. Baby Quake 3.2
  95. The 'Car-dash-ian Craze'
  96. Pakistan Mosque Bombing Kills at Least 53
  97. Woman has 200 LB leg amputated
  98. Tropical Storm Harvey forms in the Caribbean (Takes Aim At Belize/Honduras/Mexico)
  99. 7.5 quake hits Vanuatu in Pacific: USGS
  100. ATF Supplies Guns To Mexico (Operation Fast & Furious)
  101. New South Sudan has the same old news
  102. Irene's winds on a projected path towards Florida
  103. Monday's trivia
  104. Monday's Laughs
  105. Smelly socks could help curb malaria
  106. 4.6 Quake-Colorado/N Mexico border
  107. Tuesday's trivia
  108. Tuesday's laughs
  109. How many times did I read of these two being in the PERFECT marriage.
  110. Magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes Virginia, D.C. and New York
  111. The wrong way to catch a deer!!
  112. Jews torn over Glenn Beck Jerusalem rally
  113. Nancy Reagan Falls at Event
  114. QUAKE! 6.9 Peru
  115. Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple
  116. Help Help Help
  117. My computer has died
  118. Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 9/11 Ceremony but Ground Zero Mosque OK
  119. Dog of Fallen Navy SEAL, Officer Jon Tumilson, Refuses To Leave Casket (VIDEO)
  120. My computer has died
  121. They went after him hard and heavy today
  122. An Irishman
  123. Hot owl
  124. I have a new Gateway
  125. Irene
  126. The Bard Says BOA is Tanking. (Buffet or the Bard?)
  127. 'Anderson Silva' Pound For Pound the Best Fighter in the World
  128. Living in a 78 Square Foot Apartment
  129. How do you fix a split personality computer?
  130. Not the way I wanted my day to start.
  131. Tuesday's Laughs
  132. Seen on Facebook
  133. I Just Recieved an Email that Was Titled
  134. Wednesday's Trivia
  135. Wednesday's Laughs
  136. The 'Golden Boy's' Confessions
  137. Panel tallies massive waste and fraud in wartime U.S. contracts
  138. Mentally ill sisters freed from chains in West Bank
  139. Thursday's Trivia
  140. Thursday's Laughs
  141. Historic Drought/Wrench, those fires....
  142. 9/11 First Responders Plagued by Health Problems From Toxic Dust and Debris
  143. Andrew Dice Clay: Lady Gaga’s Jo Calderone Is Me
  144. Typhoon 'Nanmadol' Create Massive 60 Foot Waves (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
  145. Tropical Storm Lee & Hurricane Katia?
  146. 7.1 earthquake strikes southeastern Alaska - USGS
  147. Skin cancer, what it looks like
  148. We Never Left The Recession
  149. Politics Before Clean Air?
  150. Dream Act: California Embraces Anti-Arizona Role on Illegal Immigration
  151. Route 66 'The Way of Escape'
  152. Aussie bodyboarder dies after shark bites off legs
  153. Would You Object To a Mosque Being Built in Your City?
  154. Japan:Typhoon Talas/Sanba Kills At Least 37
  155. QUAKE 6.6 Indonesia
  156. Drug-Sub Culture
  157. 'Animal Lovers' Photo's of The Week!
  158. Monday's Triva
  159. Monday's Laughs
  160. The tax man comes for who????????????
  161. Wednesday's Trivia
  162. Wednesday's Laughs
  163. Jet carrying hockey team crashes; at least 43 dead
  164. Meet Nate & Maria Our Mr & Mrs Tropical Storms
  165. Federal agents charge 91 in Medicare fraud case
  166. Thursday's Trivia
  167. Thursday's Laughs
  168. Lee Floods WILKES-BARRE, Pa. Thousands Evacuated!
  169. Obama Hits it Out of The Park!
  170. 1.4 Million Without Power, Power Plant Offline in Southern California Blackout
  171. Kyl, & GOP leaders say no further defense budget cuts Just Medicare & Social Security
  172. I've been playing with my new computer
  173. Illegal Workers Used Tax Credit to Pocket $4.2 Billion, Audit Shows
  174. Elephants and livestock battle for water in East Africa
  175. Mississippi voters can decide 'personhood' of the unborn, court rules
  176. Egyptian leaders vow to restore order after attack on Israeli Embassy
  177. Cliff Robertson, Who Played JFK in 'PT-109,' Dies
  178. Ten years ago today....
  179. Americans going to Canada to find work
  180. Saudi Arabia's water needs eating into oil wealth
  181. John McCain: We Won't Go To War In The Middle East Again
  182. Federal Reserve Recovery Plan May Do Little To Boost Economy, Stock Market
  183. Fighter Jets Shadow Passenger Planes to Detroit, NYC Over Suspicious Activity
  184. Monday's Trivia
  185. Monday's Laughs
  186. This is the Cat's Meow!
  187. Giant Red Crabs Take Over 'Antarctic Abyss,' Climate Change Blamed (VIDEO)
  188. Tuesday's Trivia
  189. Tuesday's Laughs
  190. U.S. Afghanistan Embassy Attacked: Taliban Claims Responsibility For Assault On Kabul
  191. Don't Mess With Mature Ladies!
  192. Boots On The ground in Libya
  193. House Weighs Bill to Make Gun Permits Valid Across State Lines
  194. Wednesday's Trivia
  195. Wednesday's Laughs
  196. Widening European debt crisis raises global recession risk
  197. Calli's bridge
  198. Thursday's Trivia
  199. Thursday's Trivia
  200. 7.3-magnitude quake strikes near Fiji
  201. Chinese innovation – paper tiger or king of the hill?
  202. Shit My Dad Says
  203. The Greatest Generation
  204. The jobless in New Jersey find refuge in Tent City
  205. Niger Next!
  206. Come one, come all let’s celebrate
  207. 6.6-magnitude quake hits Japan
  208. Palestinian Authority president presses for full U.N. membership
  209. Obama White House Warned Solyndra Bad For Reelection
  210. Countries Going Bankrupt (Simply Surreal)
  211. Are the killer bees meaner than ever in 2011? The Killer Bee Guy thinks so.
  212. Nine Killed in Deadly Crash at Reno Air Show & WV Airshow Report!
  213. Kara Kennedy dies of heart attack & Eleanor Mondale Dead at 51
  214. Demonstrators Find New York 'Occupy Wall Street'
  215. If Chipmunks...........
  216. QUAKE 6.8 India
  217. Monday's Trivia
  218. Monday's Laughs
  219. Moderate earthquake rattles Guatemala
  220. Good News for a change.........
  221. Birds Eye View Over The Earth (Very Cool)
  222. I Simply Cannot Live On $400.000 a year WTF?
  223. Tuesday's Trivia
  224. Tuesday's Laughs
  225. Something to think about.....
  226. Racism
  227. U.S. President Obama will meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
  228. 4 killed as typhoon approaches Japan
  229. Wednesday's Trivia
  230. Wednesday's Laughs
  231. Freed American hikers arrive in Oman (I'ts About Frigging Time)
  232. Thursday's Trivia
  233. Thursday's Laughs
  234. Facebook AFU
  235. Who Benefited from Job Growth In Texas?
  236. Report: Border Patrol abuses widespread
  237. Child Cage Fighting Sparks Outrage in Britain
  238. Special Report: Crunch time at America's richest union
  239. Heads up, new virus
  240. Dragonboat races
  241. Texas drought
  242. John Travolta Adds Bombardier To Ever-Growing List Of Personal Jets (VIDEO)
  243. Back from the emergency room
  244. Caution Falling 70 Ton SPace staion Heading For Earth
  245. Particles found to break speed of light
  246. Calif. Muslim Students Guilty of Disrupting Speech
  247. 'Chuck Wepner' The tale of a boxer
  248. Grove Theatre in Upland shut down by city
  249. Government Shutdown Looms as Democrats Defeat House Bill
  250. Pakistan warns U.S.: "You will lose an ally"