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  1. Its Raining Shit In New York...(Signs & Wonders)
  2. ....and they called her CUJO
  3. American Idol Anyone?? ....'The Voice'?
  4. Happy Golden Anniversary Calli!
  5. The Bard's "World Famous!" Coliseum™ is ►OPEN◄ for new Members. See 1st post...
  6. Knock, Knock.
  7. Monkee Davy Jones dies at 66
  8. If Britain were Greece
  9. Marston Hefner Charged In Alleged Beating Of Playmate Claire Sinclair
  10. Don't mess with Texas
  11. more drilling won't lower gas prices
  12. Walk in the park
  13. The Beeb is 18...Legal-Beeb
  14. Lioness Gives Birth To Tigon Cubs In China (VIDEO)
  15. Guard charged in $2 million armored vehicle heist
  16. California HS teacher leaves wife & 3 kids to live with student
  17. Guilty plea in theft of DuPont secrets for China
  18. California wildlife official under fire for puma hunt
  19. Police: Alaska girl locked in frigid bedroom dies
  20. Japan tsunami video recovered from dash-cam inside destroyed car
  21. FDA Alert: Grapefruit & Medications, A Dangerous Mix
  22. Live Wildlife Cams in Africa
  23. Frenchman Sues Google for Posting Peeing Picture
  24. Epic Financial Fails
  25. Thursday's Trivia
  26. Thursday's Laughs
  27. Where in the US & Canada would you go
  28. Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra sentenced to 3 years in prison
  29. Pink Slime For School Lunch
  30. Describe Rush Limbouh in ONE word
  31. Roy Blunt Booed, Called 'Devil' ?
  32. Twin sisters, 73, found dead together in CA home
  33. Help me out, Bard
  34. Apple’s new iPad can max out your data plan in 10 minutes
  35. Greetings Bard!
  36. How to make Green Energy costlier....
  37. I heard on the news.....
  38. Updates for BK..
  39. Homeless Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Stage At Danbury Green
  40. Thousands of spiders blanket Australian farm after escaping flood
  41. Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry, OR.......
  42. Time to Catch up with the Manhatten Madam Saga...
  43. Hurts don't it?......
  44. Solar storms causing few problems on Earth
  45. Mark Shorten, Father Of Children Living In Bus, Speaks Out From Prison
  46. Deputy sheriff accused of vandalizing cars
  47. Usa! Usa!
  48. Righthaven Dead?
  49. This is the best way to create jobs in USA.
  50. Full Titanic wreck site is mapped for first time
  51. Reclusive Heiress Leaves Behind 5 Homes Worth $180 Million
  52. The Stilted Devil 'Joseph Kony': Brutal warlord who shocked
  53. Uncovered Challenger Footage (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)
  54. Where not to live: Sunland Park
  55. Doomsday preacher admits: I was wrong
  56. Be The Judge: Fight Over Lottery Jackpot Goes To Court
  57. Extreme Art
  58. Remains of 167 people found in Mexican cave
  59. Scams Targeting Older Adults Are On The Rise
  60. For those who remember....
  61. Blagojevich to speak day before going to prison
  62. Places I don't buy food from........
  63. The Ministry Began In a Drive-in Theater
  64. US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon
  65. NYC woman dies after getting trapped inside clothing drop box
  66. What I Wonder
  67. Tuesday's Trivia
  68. Tuesday's Laughs
  69. A large jet plane crashed.......
  70. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speaks at University of California, Berkeley
  71. Bill Maher Heckles Home Schooling
  72. Bard need a report
  73. Austin Texas: Turning the homeless into 4G hotspots
  74. Police nationwide take on soaring Tide detergent theft
  75. Lightsquared Dead
  76. ST. PATRICKS DAY do you.....
  77. A couple of laughs
  78. Donald Trump's Sons Defend Safari Killing Spree In Zimbabwe (PHOTOS)
  79. Dr. Peter Goodwin, Father of Oregon Suicide Law, Takes Own Life
  80. Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books
  81. Alice Herz-Sommer, Oldest Holocaust Survivor: How Music Gave Hope During WWII
  82. Dear Rodney,
  83. CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs
  84. 6.8 Quake Japan Coast
  85. Doobie Brothers' Drummer Michael Hossack dead at 65
  86. Wednesday's Trivia
  87. Wednesday's Laughs
  88. Terminated scientist claims bias against intelligent design, sues NASA
  89. Oh God, I'm sick
  90. Tainted dog food again 600 dogs ill possible China connection
  91. Marines told to disarm before Panetta's speech in Afghanistan
  92. No trivia or laughs today
  93. California's dark legacy of forced sterilizations
  94. Band yells racist chant at NCAA tourney
  95. Trader Joe's
  96. Sorry Bout Youre Bad Luck BK/ thebigk
  97. Dharun Ravi Guilty Of Invasion Of Privacy In Webcam Spy Trial
  98. Saturday takes....
  99. Situational Erectile Dysfunction: ie Lazy Penile Challenges - Should You Worry?
  100. American Digger
  101. " ...a question if we can get enough gasoline into the East Coast for summer "
  102. Convicted Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk dies
  103. More signs the apocalypse is on the horizon...Sausage Rage
  104. Stoned Driving Epidemic Puts Wrinkle In Pot Debate
  105. " ♫ ♪ You say it's your birthday ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ " Happy Birthday Bard !!
  106. Thursday's Trivia
  107. Thursday's Laughs
  108. Defense attorney arrested in court on perjury charges
  109. Oprah 'personally' AXES Rosie O'Donnell Show
  110. 'Stand Your Ground' Zimmerman on Trial (Trayvon Martin still dead)
  111. Cattle Rustling - 2012.
  112. Reaction to Threates to Europe
  113. Judge extends temporary restraining order against Tornado Masters
  114. Manning goes to Denver!
  115. 7.4 earthquake hits Mexico
  116. Welcome 'ZeroPointOne'
  117. Utah governor signs law mandating 72-hour wait for abortion
  118. Bard, about your Happi Coat....
  119. Senate gambles with lottery-style drawing to settle map disputes
  120. Man Gets Ticket For Yelling At Cat
  121. Facebook strips 'privacy' from 'data use' policy : Update now delayed : & ZOMBIES !!!
  122. Olga Beanblossom's Mummified Corpse
  123. Susan Cole fakes mental illness to get out of jury duty
  124. Election Day Registrations
  125. Mississippi AG takes Barbour pardons back to state's high court
  126. Facebook password isn't your boss' business
  127. Talk To The Hand!!
  128. Little green footballs page
  129. My Idea of A Cheap Date & Yours? Tell Me Yours?
  130. Japanese boat washed away in tsunami spotted more than a year later
  131. Florida millionaire found guilty of DUI in man's death
  132. Bank of America: too crooked to fail
  133. BREAKING NEWS: Dick Cheney has heart transplant
  134. Rare movie posters found in Pennsylvania attic fetch $503,000
  135. Wrenchbender...
  136. Israel Supreme Court rejects compromise deal on West Bank settlement
  137. East Coast Freeze Warning Monday Night
  138. Afghanistan Shooting Victims' Families Received Money From U.S.
  139. BREAKING NEWS: Quake/7.2/Chile
  140. Bert Sugar Follows Joe Frazier and Angelo Dundee
  141. Week 1 of trivia
  142. Week 1 of Laughs
  143. Sharing a nice day with ya
  144. Fruit
  145. Do NOT Judge a Book By Its Color! Introducing - JONATHAN ANTOINE
  146. New Meatless food source!
  147. Jeremy Mayfield’s NASCAR Lawsuit
  148. Search Words
  149. Morning Sex
  150. Video Recording Law Enforcement
  151. Charles Rangel
  152. Joe The Plunger
  153. Captain America!!
  154. Face transplant for Virginia man injured in gun accident
  155. Being 'Born-Again' Linked to More Brain Atrophy: Study
  156. Pro-life 'October Baby' rejected by major studios, blitzes box office
  157. School Homework Offers Little Benefit
  158. The Board of the Week
  159. Kenya authorities shoot dead 6 suspected poachers
  160. an eagle, fox and cat all hanging out together on a porch in Unalaska, Alaska.
  161. Magic Johnson group to buy Dodgers for record $2 billion
  162. Bluegrass great Earl Scruggs dead at 88
  163. Call of the wild: Amazing reaction of wolves who come running when woman who befriend
  164. Billions of potentially habitable planets discovered in the Milky Way
  165. Canada to dump the dreaded penny
  166. Why the U.S. may never have a balanced budget again
  167. No. 2 senator Ruggerio arrested for DUI
  168. Japan says it will shoot down N. Korea rocket
  169. Judge asked to bar free speech defense in Occupy trial
  170. Bank of America branch manager admits stealing millions
  171. Mega Millions jackpot grows to an estimated $640 million
  172. Mexican Family Accused of Human Sacrifices
  173. Apollo engines found by Amazon CEO belong to space agency
  174. Police Officer gets a D.W.I. in his patrol car
  175. Carrollton Officer Arrested In Drug Bust
  176. Bloggers' lawsuit versus Huffington Post tossed
  177. Retroactive state law lets GOP chairman's brother off hook
  178. Polar bear Knut's half-sister makes public debut
  179. Pat Robertson Says Legalize Pot!
  180. Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race
  181. Dropped off the missus
  182. Polar Bear Swimming Laps Looks Like Olympic Athlete in Training
  183. Bard.....I filled your firewood order
  184. Week 2 Trivia
  185. Week 2 Laughs
  186. Justices Approve Strip-Searches for ANY Offense
  187. Snack For PR
  188. Police say 7 dead, 3 injured in shooting attack at California Christian university
  189. US investigates graphic posted to al-Qaida forum, claims 'coming soon to NYC'
  190. What's going on with the board?
  191. Mega Millions Mess
  192. Texas "Tornado Assault"
  193. Arizona Passes Sweeping Internet 'BIG BROTHER" Censorship Bill
  194. The Gates Foundation: Giving Away A Fortune 'Well Done Mr & Mrs Gates'
  195. Who, What, Why: How many soldiers died in the US Civil War?
  196. Blagojevich’s ex-pal gets 2 years in prison
  197. Hey, let's invade Iran!
  198. New Charles Manson Photos Releases
  199. Ex-New Orleans cops get prison time in Danziger Bridge shootings
  200. The $12,000 Tip
  201. Should the Titanic's Artifacts Stay Underwater?
  202. When Pigs & Cars Fly?
  203. Tunisians jailed for Facebook cartoons of Prophet
  204. The Masters Tournament
  205. Pink Moon Rising!!
  206. Thomas Kinkade Dead: Famed Painter Dies At Age 54
  207. Pakistan Avalanche Buries 100 Soldiers On Himalayan Glacier
  208. Bardonian CHEAPSHOT of the day!!
  209. Financial Government Failures
  210. Next Copy-Right Troll Wanna-Be Booted Out Of Court!
  211. Veteran newsman Mike Wallace dead at 93
  212. The awkward side of Easter
  213. We are back :)
  214. Judging the Judges
  215. National heat records shattered during March
  216. Week 3 Trivia
  217. Week 3 Laughs
  218. Where Should The Buffalo Roam??
  219. Law is Soft On Crime!
  220. Went for a mosie
  221. So Much For Free Speech!?
  222. Big quake strikes off coast of Indonesia
  223. 'Stillborn' Argentine baby found alive in morgue
  224. I wonder if his boss excepted his excuse LOL
  225. 7.0 Quake Slams Mexico!
  226. 'The Simpson's' Revealed!
  227. The Right Way to Decide An Election Tie.
  228. Tennesse Brings Religion Into Schools.
  229. North Korea rocket breaks up in flight
  230. Great Glowing Green Space Whales, Batman!
  231. Judge Blocks Execution Of Feline
  232. A Boy With A Vision
  233. ILWU Local 21 president pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges
  234. Board Use Question
  235. OMG, this is so funny
  236. America is losing as many illegal immigrants as it’s gaining
  237. Forecasters warn of life-threatening storms
  238. North Carolina town plans to ticket drivers for any cellphone use
  239. Bear Farms
  240. Irene retired from tropical storm name list
  241. Allegations about Bernie Fine sex abuse were lies
  242. The Drew Peterson Trial
  243. Man Wins $1 Million+ On Penny Slots
  244. The 50 States
  245. Bee Gees star Robin Gibb in a coma as his family keeps bedside vigil
  246. We slept through all this
  247. WARNING! Life Is Hazardous To Your Health
  248. I want one :)
  249. Norway gunman Breivik goes on trial for killing 77
  250. Week 5 Trivia