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  1. Week 5 Laughs
  2. No allowed to walk in graduation
  3. Allegations shine spotlight on Secret Service
  4. Keep it Going......
  5. Strong earthquake strikes Chile; no serious damage reported
  6. Saga of the Ambassador Bridge.
  7. Death Row Inmate’s Best Lawyer Was Himself
  8. Week 5 Laughs
  9. Warren Buffett has prostate cancer, but doesn't slow down
  10. Scary stuff
  11. Levon Helm in 'Final Stages' of Cancer Battle
  12. Video: Car Crashes Into Store
  13. Ted Nugent, tough guy
  14. Here we go again: U.S. troops pose with suspected Afghan bombers' bodies
  15. Dick Clark dead at age 82
  16. Muslim Woman Forced To Remove Headscarf In Jail
  17. Cops Take School Kids' DNA in Murder Case
  18. Student and Professor
  19. KC Thieves Steal 100+ Vacuum Cleaners
  20. Jonathan Frid, played Barnabas Collins on ‘Dark Shadows,’ dies at 87
  21. Rashad Evans Jon Jones 5-21....MMA-UFC - 145
  22. Texas Cockfight Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, 8 Wounded
  23. Daniel Jenky, Peoria Catholic Bishop: President Obama Following 'A Similar Path' As H
  24. The Gladiatrix: 2,000-year-old statue shows topless FEMALE gladiator
  25. Alabama bans "Dirty Bastard" Beer
  26. Squadron of lost WWII Spitfires to be exhumed
  27. Why eating meat was the secret of human success and separated us from the apes
  28. Happy 420
  29. Vanderbilt Says Christian Club Can’t Require Leaders to be Devout Christians
  30. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding
  31. This is a classic......
  32. Colorado Woman Awarded $65,000 After Dog's Death
  33. A timeline of greed and avarice
  34. Watergate figure, Christian leader Chuck Colson dies
  35. 40 Pound Cat lol
  36. Baseball's 21st Perfect Game
  37. Porn-Brain Study: Erotic Movies Make Brain Regions 'Shut Down'
  38. The Early Bird
  39. Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July
  40. The Energy Wars
  41. Rare daylight meteor seen, heard over Nevada, California
  42. The vegetarian chef who turned carnivore
  43. Week 7 Trivia
  44. Week 7 Laughs
  45. Rare white killer whale spotted off Russian coast
  46. NBA ruling on Metta World Peace won't come Monday
  47. Actor playing Judas dies after he accidentally hanged self in Passion Play
  48. Lyudmila Putina, Vladimir Putin's Wife, Missing From The Public Eye
  49. COPD on the Rise in Women
  50. Man beaten, in critical condition.
  51. Horse no match for horsepower
  52. Mad-Cow Case Confirmed in California Cow
  53. The Storm of Cloud Storage
  54. A Judge with a nose for shenanigans
  55. FEMA Formaldehyde Settlement Pending
  56. Boy Scouts feel a mother's wrath
  57. New Trend.. Chugging Hand Sanitizer
  58. Inspecting the 6 distinct layers of tissue that make up a
  59. Senate OKs changes to US Postal Service, clearing way for end of Saturday delivery -
  60. Cops Gone Wild
  61. Where's Bard tonight?
  62. NOT BIG Enough Stars For 'Dancing With The Stars'
  63. The "Mole'
  64. Bruin fans react to playoff loss
  65. Octomom in hot water again
  66. April 26
  67. Fatal I-75 pileup report
  68. Man Survives ALONE On Island For 40 Years!!
  69. Former New York State Senator Is Sentenced to 7 Years
  70. Giant cannibal shrimp invasion !!!!
  71. Con receives disability for PTSD from prison stint
  72. Yankees all-star Bill 'Moose' Skowron is dead at 81
  73. Lamprey Pie
  74. Dog The Bounty Hunter Loses Two Bail Bondsmen
  75. Does anyone know if
  76. Good God Almighty! Some things sure have changed......
  77. The Bards 'Famous' Ten Questions
  78. Huge Percent of Babes Born Suffer From Perscription Drug Withdrawal
  79. Inside the secretive Sea Shadow.
  80. Officer Allegedly Blinds Woman with Pepper Spray
  81. Week 8 Trivia
  82. Week 8 laughs
  83. Less than 100 days before Curiosity touches down on Mars
  84. It is a Depression, not a Recession!
  85. Well at least it missed the house
  86. May 1st
  87. I hope this is a joke LOL
  88. Man sues BMW, alleging motorcycle seat gave him two-year erection
  89. Man arrested for using money
  90. The Bards Solution to Overcrowded Prisons & These Vilolent Times
  91. Former 1960s teen pop idol Bobby Vee says he's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's diseas
  92. U.N.: Thousands stranded at Sudan way station
  93. Police Chief Proposes $20 Fine For Swearing
  94. U B D Judge: Finders Keepers?
  95. Its always black and white?
  96. Since Im retired...
  97. Tsunami Debris Begins Reaching North America
  98. Bodacious back-alley booties can have deadly consequences
  99. Coming Soon: Coca-Cola High School?
  100. Graduating from college and THEN from high school?
  101. New Jersey mother accused of putting her 6-year-old girl in tanning bed
  102. Former NFL star Junior Seau dead in apparent suicide
  103. The Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. 1,100 Potential Jurors Called In Auburn After 'Glitch'
  105. Perigee "SuperMOON" this Saturday
  106. Here's what you get..
  107. The 'Mob' Lives On
  108. Time for my summer rant
  109. Giant rogue croc eats nine pet dogs
  110. More players file concussion lawsuits against the NFL
  111. 'Flying Wallenda' to cross Niagara Falls on tightrope
  112. Russia's military threatens pre-emptive strike if NATO goes ahead with missile plan
  113. Attention BK:...Attention BK:
  114. Forget about Cowboys and Indians
  115. Political Ploys.
  116. United We Stand, Divided We Fall....
  117. Gee, maybe he was just REALLY hungry.
  118. Biggest moon of the year on display Sat. night
  119. Bob Strait passes away, weeks after attack in home
  120. 'Transplant shock' claims life of National Christmas Tree
  121. Rare white buffalo sacred to some in Native American community killed and skinned
  122. .......and THEY'RE OFF!
  123. Adam 'MCA' Yauch of the Beastie Boys dies at 47
  124. Mortgage Rates Hit Another Record Low
  125. Ruling : IP Address is Not a Person!
  126. Ruling: Clicking "Like" is Not Protected Speech
  127. Judge to decide if text sender liable for crash
  128. Goober is gone
  129. 1 dead, dozens injured after rare tornado strikes city near Tokyo
  130. Roanoke Colony Revealed? Prof Finds The Mysterious Colony's Capital
  131. Giant Sinkhole Forces Florida Family From Home
  132. Hospital lauches investigation after patient set on fire during surgery
  133. Week 9 Trivia
  134. Week 9 Laughs
  135. scene from a protest
  136. Dog chases ball
  137. Astounding - Unbelievable
  138. Did dinosaurs fart themselves to death?
  139. Tiny Cabin
  140. Demons In Flight Midnight
  141. The 1%'ers: Median net worth of members of Congress more than 9x's typical American
  142. Feel Good Story With A Twist
  143. Josh Hamilton Hits 4 Homers in Game
  144. Wilbur The Pig Wins In Court!
  145. Lakers Sucking
  146. Soon....EPA - AC - R22 - R410A = $BIG BUCKS
  147. I knew it was a bad idea
  148. Russian Plane with 44 missing on "demo" flight
  149. Stop welfare to ex-presidents
  150. Trial ordered for 2 California police officers in beating death of homeless man
  151. Florida Church Defies Town's Order To Move Produce Stand Indoor That Feeds the Poor
  152. Legendary racer, car-builder Carroll Shelby dies in Dallas at 89
  153. Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case
  154. African Queen sails again
  155. Whats Wrong With This Picture??
  156. Happy Mothers Day Ladies of Bardonia
  157. California facing higher $16 billion shortfall
  158. Court: Schwab to get spanking.
  159. Own an iPod? Then you're suing Apple!
  160. مقتل ستة اشخاص معظمهم من رجال الشرطة في هج
  161. Vitaly Borker: Sentencing
  162. Court: William DeWeese To Report To Prison On Monday.
  163. Judge: Cellphone password off-limits
  164. Breaking News!
  165. I'm back
  166. Hamdi Hafez Al Nubi, Egyptian Thought Dead, Awakes At Funeral
  167. Ally Financial (GMAC) To File Bankruptcy
  168. British WWII fighter found in Egyptian desert
  169. Week 10 Trivia
  170. Week 10 Laughs
  171. Memphis soul bassist Donald 'Duck' Dunn dies
  172. A man and his love for a tree
  173. Opps, that can be a problem
  174. Cast member of reality TV show Swamp People dies after fall on boat
  175. Fake cop kills 2 and on the loose in Mississsippi
  176. America's Got Talent: 2012
  177. Summer Storms
  178. The Cult
  179. Fired after finding loaded gun, handing it to cops
  180. New Hampshire Knows How To Deal With Nazis
  181. Ghouls
  182. Man's Age & Trip to Home Depot
  183. 'Go-Go' performer Chuck Brown dies
  184. John Travolta's massage accuser #1 is back - with Gloria Allred
  185. clemidog's Sigline.............I love it....
  186. Verizon to end unlimited data plans
  187. Ding-A-Lings Try To Scrap Church Bell
  188. Whites Account for Under Half of Births in US
  189. Obama Budget Slaughtered in Congress
  190. Rare gold coin may fetch up to $4 million at Georgia auction
  191. Disco queen Donna Summer dead at 63
  192. What $3,250,000 will buy in Palo Alto
  193. Do not, I repeat DO NO........
  194. Joplin Missouri
  195. Bird Strike(1 hawk) caused Marine chopper crash that killed 2
  196. UFO nearly causes plane crash in Denver
  197. Ring of fire: Millions to witness the burning moon of an 'annular' eclipse on Sunday
  198. Some pleople you just have to lock up until they are 'cured'!
  199. Selling Crap In Court.
  200. Bono's Facebook Stake To Make Him Richest Rocker On Earth
  201. BK - this made me think of you
  202. Friday's Chuckles.....
  203. CDC to baby boomers: Get tested for hepatitis C
  204. What is the incabation period for tick fever or lymes disease?
  205. Japan's Tamae Watanabe scales Mount Everest at 73, oldest woman to reach summit
  206. Will Smith Rebuffs Tongue Wielding Ukranian Reporter
  207. The correct way to stop a crime in progress!
  208. Driver who was hero in '76 Calif. bus kidnap dies
  209. SpaceX rocket fueled up for commercial space station trip
  210. Tropical Storm Alberto forms in the Atlantic
  211. USGS: 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes northwest of Bologna, Italy
  212. Bee Gees Robin Gibb Dies
  213. Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi dies in Libya
  214. Who Would You Choose For President?
  215. Everest claims 3, maybe 5
  216. Becareful how you clean the outdoor grill
  217. Now I know
  218. Suicide Bomber Kills 112 /300 Hurt /Yemen
  219. The Highroad of Boardy-land & A Few Thoughts.....
  220. Seat from 1963 B-52 crash found in Maine
  221. Internet Strangeness
  222. 4-alarm fire still burning aboard nuclear-powered submarine in Maine; reactor not ac
  223. Shaquille To Make a Comeback??
  224. 2 Fly per stall rule in China's nasty public restrooms
  225. Hot Damn!
  226. US National Hurricane Center Says Bud Develops Into Hurricane Off Coast of Mexico
  227. Phillip Phillips takes 'Idol' crown
  228. Fill in humor for Shelle
  229. Tonight
  230. Flashback to Sonny Corleone!
  231. I Gotta Move To Boulder, CO!
  232. Friday Fun fill in for Shelle
  233. USA borders on the Magnificent!
  234. For BK & Other Football Enthusiasts & (Tardy For The Party Tards)
  235. Jesus' Crucifixion Date Possibly Friday April 3, 33 A.D.,
  236. Memorial Day 2012
  237. Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary: The World's 87 Most Iconic Bridge
  238. US eases airport screening for travelers 75-plus
  239. Time to Invest in Aluminum Foil!
  240. Tropical storm warnings for Southeast coast
  241. UFC-146 Junior Dos Santos Verses Frank Mir
  242. Latest Zombie News: Post zombie sightings here!
  243. Just picked some strawberries out of my garden
  244. Police: 5-time champ Johnny Tapia found dead in NM
  245. Teen killed, 24 wounded in spate of shootings across Chicago
  246. Strong 6.4 quake strikes northern Argentina - USGS
  247. German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle
  248. Another cool story
  249. Revealed: Hundreds of words online government uses to spy!
  250. How's the fish out your way?