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08-30-2008, 08:56 PM
Dream Stealers
By Rodney Evan Bohen

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Posted: Friday, April 25, 2003

Dream Stealers

Alas, often we encounter a host and horde of the former, before we ever stumble across the latter even once!

Yes, there remain two types of folk in our midst this day, dream-stealers! And dream-givers!
I cannot speak but only for myself, when I state, that I by enlarge have been privy primarily to the former verses latter. Alas, often we encounter a host and horde of the former, before we ever stumble across the latter even once!

Often upon our first magical encounter with the latter, we find ourselves already entrenched and rooted deeply in what the dream-stealers suggested, as course for our life. If only we had met him sooner! Yes, the dream giver, the one we meet so seldom, who with twinkle of eye and smile so sincere and discerning tells us, our dreams, are but for the asking and chasing!

Sadly often, the giver of dreams is met with hearts of fury and bitterness, bemoaning their lot in life, yes twisted and jaded from years of unhappiness. So Mr. giver of dreams just meanders on down the pathway of life looking for a worthy participant to bestow and invoke his dreams upon. Yes, he searches still for the one awaiting him in hope still burning, as a lamp in the night. he searches for the one young or old, that will hear his tale of unspoken wonder, and happiness heaped.

Often we dare not, because we dared once and failed! Yet failure to me is never marked by persistence and tenacity, no, but rather on the counterwise, wisdom is interwoven in these two childlike attributes.The race is won when we enter it! The land of dreams is conquered only by the brave and noble, those few, who still have lingering, the child like curiosity of a kitten, all bored.

Dream-chasing remains a passion not a pursuit! The pursuit is merely in yielding to the passion that still melts and stirs our heart. I believe of fully persuaded heart this day, that all men alike, still harbor their childhood dreams, yes, deep and vaulted in heart! Yes, somewhere safely tucked away in sacred sanctification, a secret of ours only since youth. We speak, nor dare whisper it to our mates of years, why? because long ago the dream-stealer taunted us, and said it could not be achieved! Or that it was a frivolous venture, or one spawned in childishness.Whatever happened, the dream-stealer won that round! Can I get a witness please?

The dream-giver still lives be it known, he ambles about the regions of life still searching for those of hungry and thirsting heart, that still dream of a dream left behind like a song of youth.
He with keen eye travels to and fro looking yes, for those whose passion of youth still burns in unfulfilled roar.

Dreams not a bad thing to my way of thinking, the notion has kept prisoners and captives in hope brimming since the birth of time. Yes, captives alas, if we have been stung by the dream-stealer, we are captives indeed.

Rodney Evan Bohen

08-30-2008, 09:11 PM
its crap

08-30-2008, 09:26 PM
its crap

Honesty is refreshing.
Its not my best piece by far
I dont do commentaries anylonger really
due to that,

I thank you for taking the time.
I regard candor.

08-31-2008, 04:55 AM
Well I only read the title. I'm from the gonzo school of litcrit, my friend.

08-31-2008, 12:45 PM
The thoughts resonate with sincerity and truth in my mind.

And I,being no literary critic, am certainly not going to argue with Bard on his own assessment of the piece,although I will add that often we can be our own worst critics.