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05-09-2009, 07:40 PM
My Journal Called Days End

by Rodney Evan Bohen
Tuesday, April 08, 2003

My Journal Called Days End

I jot But a few words,
how day carried me
in scent
diary, journal
name means little
to me
Tis my heart and my
scribbled daily arrayed
I panted after diary
when I stood yes
as but a Lad
but you see
boys don't do that
only girls do, you see?
though I felt high keen
the injustice
my tender heart
to bear
I protested in silence
my dissent a
hushed prayer
I then one day
awaked awoken
afresh and anew
I glittered in passion
as I swayed as
soft dew
I raced back in
times face
standing deliberate
in my way
I crashed through her
As a lite passing ray
I found where I'd
left her
my boyhood heart
sitting in grace
I rushed quickly
to embrace her
my lost longing
and grace
united in passion
now bursting tall
in colored blaze
I wept as I sat under
the mantle
lifelong lost
that once draped over
the back
of a Lad long ago
my heart now aglow
in a dark ember gleam
I etched to my diary
my journal,
one the same
I sketched but a
few words
in remembrance of me
but daily she
calls me
yes, my diary
so I named it my
my journey
days end
I mark how
my heart walked
in fashion and form
whist I ponder
my diary,
my heart now
set in store

Rodney Evan Bohen