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05-30-2009, 07:48 PM
Letters To Ted # 16 3-16-2002

The Swing

My Friend Ted,

Where lies indeed the contentment of heart that man so hastily pursues, likened unto the wild ass of the desert in search for water? Does the secret indeed lie in the rear view mirror of our past as we look back in fond remembrance, perhaps realizing that we left things of great value behind us, strewn about as clothes painting a child's room of youth?

Or does in fact the age old question of happiness that has depicted man’s quest from the early ages on, lie directly beneath our feet buried on the ground and terrain where we stand in today? Or does indeed the epitome and ideal of true happiness stand tall before us awaiting us with open arms, as we indeed step into the dawn of tomorrow's wonder, blazed in unsurpassed splendor?

There has been as much speculation formed throughout time passing, as there has been numerous philosophical stances taken as well as offered up to the hungry dinner guest indeed, concerning these questions of old.

Yes, can our dreams fulfilled be resurrected by dancing through the hazy mist of the past now dimmed? Yes, often a piece of ourselves has been left behind of great importance, wherein one can never walk fully clothed in today, without first retrieving that which was discarded in yesterday. But one must in well contemplated thought filled observance, be cognizant of today, before he indeed goes aimlessly stumbling through his yesterday’s doors of both wonder and horror alike!

A thinking man as well must be contemplating the ramifications of today's actions, as weighed against the journey of tomorrow! So where indeed does that leave the weary sojourner so earnestly seeking his breath’s desire of heart, and dreams not yet realized? Do we indeed straddle three differing time zones, regions and realms, in the very breath we now do inhale? I think yes! For the man on a journey into the morrow, who casts not a thought for today, is indeed a fool walking and parading in a deep state of blindness. As well as the man who lives, abides, and dwells only in yesterday’s bliss, not being aware of the wonders and magic of the present day now unfolding is equally blind in my estimation. And yes, the man solely focused on the morrow, with no reverence for the past nor present wherein he now stands, is equally dwarfed in mental alertness and perhaps cranial capacity as well.

So where indeed does that leave the sincere simple, searching soul, who truly merely desires to be fulfilled in splendor and enrichment in his life's walk and journey?

Might we intake visually if you please, the child in the park, swinging on a swing, oh yes we have all been there before? We, as we swing, look forward, as well as utilizing our peripheral vision, as well are always taking in what lies to the side of us also. And inevitably, without knowing why, we are instinctively drawn every so often to just take a big peek behind us as well. Yes, the wise child and full grown adult alike, occasionally always look back! Why you ask? Obviously the child wants to observe where his shadow has gone, as well wonders if something of value has perhaps flown out of his pocket, due to the swinging action he is presently engaged in. While the adult, deprived now of childish fearlessness looks back in order to see if his shadow as well as age is overcoming him indeed. But yes, we all look back. That is if we’re wondrous, curious, cautious, or all three.

Alas, the mystery of life itself that sweeps and carries our minds upon differing terrain daily, we yes swing forward, then backwards, and then there is a place in-between called today! When it appears, you’re not going forward nor backward. But that moment is short lived indeed. For indeed our yesterday’s always remain with us, yes lingering on the forefront of our minds as well as hearts, as well man is always equally pressed by the excitement or dread that the morrow may bring and unfold. Yes, often we are so consumed, and taken with both realms and regions, that our today slips by unnoticed in the blink of an eye, hence rendering it now yesterday.

So where indeed should the prudent man reside Doctor Rodney, you ask? One must live in today, covered in excellence, while he always remains aware and cognizant of his yesterdays! That is what our shadow is all about! To remind us from whence we came, and to remind us of whom we once were! And after we have assessed both our character and heart resting in yesterday’s sun, as well as comparing it to the heart and character we view today, riding on the landscape of the present and now. We then indeed in full heart, and in childlike anticipation, invite, welcome and look to the morrow, where the new sunrise unfolds, representing more in excellence than today or yesterday mixed together could ever have offered. Yes, my friend all that yesterday could not afford nor offer us rests in today! And all that today cheated us out of, for whatever reason, lies awaiting us in the morrow’s dawn, if only we maintain that glimmer of hope!

For indeed all of our yesterdays that started as our today’s, march in a defined sense of progressive order, intended and designed to usher us into a tomorrow laced in beauty as well as enchantment, not ever witnessed nor tasted prior in time.

So may we ride high and tall in wisdom this day my friend, with our eye intently focused on yesterday’s beauty and disappointments alike, while our feet our planted firmly in today, as our hearts planted in childlike anticipation and wonderment, in search of richer fulfillment of heart, yes roam and wander into tomorrow yet unborn.

I now bid you good day,