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06-12-2009, 05:58 PM
Baby Boy Defreitas

by Rodney Evan Bohen
Thursday, April 10, 2003

I laid in await
five days to be picked
the kennel pup
tail wagging
came home from the pound

Baby boy Defreitas
Ti's my true name I think
its on my blue papers
the adoption ones
with black ink
The ones tucked away,
kept hidden from me
till I stood tall at five
and they showed them to
me, confused, oh a little,
for Id seen no mirroring
in the faces of they
who called me now
others kids parents
looked alike most all
but not in
my family
no, not at all
with my whole heart I
I tried to be a Bohen
in vain
but they knew I wasn't
just as I had guessed
Defreitas be me
though no others know
its a secret they told me
when young lad I stood
not to share with another
lest shunned I should be
for in that day a bastard
and adopted were ugly
oddities indeed
a stigma strong, aroma thick
and strong
I never understood it,
but my new parents weren't wrong
for upon the disclosure
it would seem two heads had grown
perplexing to children
who survive? Only
the strong
I oft think of her,
my real Mommy and Dad
but I guess they forgot me
I guess I was bad
I look everywhere
for my Portuguese Mom
but age now may win the race
I shall probably never
see her face
I'll bet that she's pretty,
my real Mom I now mean
I'll bet Dad was strong
and gentle with me
at least for the first
hour or so
I laid in await
five days to be picked
the kennel pup
tail wagging
came home from the pound
sad thing is
they knew I wasn't really theirs
as I did as well
I was told they wanted two kids
a boy and a girl
Well the brother came then I
well, two boys are two much
so they cast the wee
fishy back into the lake
and tried for a girl child
pink lace ribbon
all tied
at least mommy carried
me for nine months
of life
that bespeaks love does it not?
Oh, I know not
lost boy that I am
I look like no other
anywhere around
do any recognize me
I'm baby boy Defrietas
hear my cry call
I'm all alone
Mommy, do you hear me
may I please come
home now
I waited and waited
but you never came
Dorothy was her name
and Arthur his,
do any know them
or me
brother of mine
wherever you are
I remain here still waiting
I never went far
I wanted to wait
where I was left
in same place
so when you came
back to get me
you would find the right
I await still but now stand
changed by times hand
I hope you shall recognize
when you return
for your boy, brother
and blood son
I love you Mommy
and Daddy too.
I am baby boy Defreitas
still waiting for you....

06-12-2009, 06:11 PM
Merely a poem I wrote years ago, describing adoption from the eyes of a young boy,

The topic came up at another boasrd and it put me in mind of this piece

Both my adopted parents are gone now, so, I posted this as a tribute to life
Motherhood, and the gift therein

And wherever you are Mom, if you are still upon times breath..

Thank you for that gift......of carrying me to term.

There is a commaraderie among the adopted that is likened unto few.
For only we know what it is like to be us.

Do we ever get over it?

Well, I guess not, at least speaking for me.