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11-20-2005, 05:28 PM
I Am Wind Whispering
by Rodney Evan

I am the lite that passes your heart
In the second watch of night
I am wind walking, and time standing still
I am he that warms your heart this night
Stars bright, I am they in your eyes closed tight

I am wind of sea that beckons who dares
I am watchman of night when others deep sleep
I am dawn walking, sentinal at noon
I walk as your shadow, holding you in full bloom
I am the whisper of wind that walks in nights lite

Not all know me, even less know my name
But I ride upon snowstorms and lightning alike
I ride upon sunsets made by days end
I reel upon thunder
All at once do they blend

I am he who you once knew
When simple wrapped your heart
I am days end and nightfall
I am the sword blazed and sharp
I am the wind whispering, as the faint sound of harp

I am he you once knew.......
When days were softer
And joy you still knew
I am hope resurrected
Yes, the fresh morning dew

I am the wind whispering, softly still calling you....