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11-20-2005, 05:42 PM
Baby's Breath
by Rodney Evan

Friday, May 02, 2003

Baby's Breath

Yea, only once have I tasted
innocence exhaled upon me
My heart hushed in awe
As baby's breath kissed me
Never in time had my senses been wakened
Till faint fair of breath did
Whisper upon my neck shaken

Like teardrops in delicate
Her breath hugged close my neck
As she cuddled and nested
As she inhaled all of me
Oh my, how stricken
How aware I'd yes become
To a new sense of beauty
Enveloping me.

Hug deeper my neck
My sweet child of rare
For today you have lit yes,
My heart vaulted gray
Undone I shall remain
From this day forth
For the Baby's breath I inhaled
Shall forever be unearthed.

Yes, now I know
Yet only in part
What love pure remains
Sadly only in part
For the baby's breath
That did collapse upon me
Left me searching the landscape
Of all eternity

For yes, in that moment
When her breath found my neck
I tasted my sorrow
My regret close of vest
For love that I imagined
Stood tall in times grasp
Merely melted in elegance
By comparison to this,

Yes, baby's breath
Upon my neck so old
Signaled my heart quickly
To that which was stole
Yes, baby's breath upon my neck
Bathing my heart
Restoring my soul

My praise I sing high
This day now in time
For rememberance of baby's breath
Has saved me this day
Alas, how sweet the kiss
She once in times lite
Did breathe into me.

Rodney Evan

11-25-2005, 09:55 AM
Bloggy, Humorous.


11-26-2005, 03:32 PM
Not all have held a newborn cafolini, it was just about the most special moment of my entire lifetime

The piece may not be anything of value, I'll give you that, but the moment was the firstime I ever knew a tender moment in my lifetime.

As innocence was exhaled upon my neck and heart, in one stilled moment in time.

I too wish I had done the tribute better.

Damn't, the moment deserved better words.

Damn I hate the fact at times I feel im such a BAD fucking writer.


I feel never more stupid, than when I write badly.

I seem to write well, so seldom.

It has been fucking years.

The obsession nearly fucking killed me!!!!

I was enthralled in this manic pen my heart race for tree years!

It nearly killed me.

damn I miss the writing though.

11-26-2005, 04:04 PM
YOU cafolini of ALL I hoped understood the raw fire that burns hot within my heart to WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!!

But SOME of us burn so hot when the FUCKING BITCH MUSE MOVES so hot and heavy in hovering, that we fucking burn ourselves to death like a fucking candle burning hot'

The passion takes OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every focus of EVERY second of EVERYDAY the mYRIAD of thoughts churn and turn, faster and faster, merrygofucking round and round!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh God save me!

Could I live through another dance, I say, as I slump in heart...

The energy expelled, she demands ALL..........

The bondage of her grasp so smothering

The freeedom so very bright