View Full Version : The Rule of the Thumb

09-26-2005, 01:13 PM
Chocolate, coconut, Lemon Meringue.
Your thumb, Their thumb in everyone elses pie.
At first it was good, refreshing and new
Till someone decided they didn't like you.

Oh how they howled and jeered and complained,
your pie tastes so different, its just not the same.
So what did they do? Why, they banned your taste,
Your style your spices yes, ... the oven you baked in.

Till one day we woke up to fate,
It showed us all what NO TASTE is like.
The funny part of it is you see,
Those folks hated Pie from the start anyway..........


09-26-2005, 01:45 PM
Now you made me hungry. Welcome back. :)

09-28-2005, 12:27 PM
Guess I should explain this one in case anyone don't get it.

The pie represents an institution. Wether that be Christianity or whatever.
Now you have groups like the ACLU (Anti-Christs Liberal Union) poking around and messing things up. Saying we don't like your God.
So they end up ruining ones right to to express beliefs in favour of Political correctness.
If groups like this keep it up, our way of life will be steralized. No Taste, just bland nothingness.


09-28-2005, 03:12 PM

The salt has already lost its savor I fear.

And THEY did not cause it.

Cool piece, and nice to have you back

Missed ya