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Little White Lies
By Rodney Evan Bohen

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Posted: Saturday, April 19, 2003

Little White Lies

White lies! Sure their innocent if one has no regard for truth! Yet, as we turn about in time this day, there is no doubt, that more than a few, have taken the innocence of the little white lie, a bit to literally to be sure!

Yes, we lie about everything and all! From our wife's new hair style to the compliment we extend on our neighbors new car we despise! Hey, it's ok when you lie in order to preserve another's feelings one cries! Is it now indeed?

I personally would rather be the recipient of the truth painted in ugly, rather than a lie painted in gold! Is that not what true friends are for, to tell the truth? For if you lie about the color of my gray Sunday go to meeting suit, and say it goes well with my skin tone, well hell, I may believe you, and wear gray the rest of my life! Now that would indeed be fine, if you told the truth, and it was in fact a good color for me, insofar as being complimentary and such. But in fact if you lied, for whatever reason you conjure up in justification, then you have contributed to me wearing a color not suited, perhaps for the rest of my days! Which is not what friends are for!

As husbands, if we lie about a dish our wife prepares, stating it's good when we care not at all for it, you can expect to see it riding upon the menu, yes, again and again and again! To what avail I ask?

If we cannot speak the truth to our mate of life concerning such things, then who, I do ask? We teach and instruct our children in the way and value of truth, whilst we enlighten them when older, in the art of doctoring our tax returns!

No, I, as with most folk, sometimes don't like the truth when I hear it! But prefer it always to the lie! We forget as well what poor liars we are, it going against our natural given tendencies, yes, most all, truth be known, have a natural propensity to speak the truth! For yes! It unfolds naturally.

I believe we were in fact designed to do so, making life preferable to one of remembering what lie we told, to who, when and how. Yes, how goes the old saying? I paraphrase I'm sure, what a web we conceive when we first do deceive? Well, you get the gist do you not? So let us not quibble nor major in minors on such things!

Ah, the truth, difficult to tell indeed, when one's feelings shall be hurt, hard to tell a young artist you feel they lack the gift! But more cruel to let them suffer in attempt of years, to just have a stranger tell them in candor, something that a friend had to weave in lie!

The truth teller is esteemed among men, and sought out yes in these times indeed, when we need to know the truth! He may be one we detest, yet when we seek for the truth, the truth-teller shall be the one we run too to be sure! We might despise the quality in general, but will revere it when we require such a gift mixed in thorned barb.

Exceptions? Some say so, I rather doubt it myself, for when you start with exceptions you ignite a new parade. A parade of deceit our children follow in path, a web of deceit not right for real men. For if man was to lie, the truth would never have been told!

The truth, our conscience dictates, we bow to her call, our children deserve it, family and friends too. How about the saying, ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies! Should it not rather go like this? Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no truth's!

The way I play is this, if your sensitive don't ask! If you want a lie, don't ask me! If you can stand straight talk, and simple honesty, ask away, but if your a crybaby and of light skin, and thin hide, easily pricked, perhaps find a liar to enforce you in the way.

I remember vividly, a girl Id known for years, knowing I shot straight at all cost, insofar as opinions and the such, asking my opinion about her newly cut hair, from long to short, please note, I didn't offer, she asked!

So I merely stated that I preferred longer hair personally, plus, mentioned I felt the shorter hair had a tendency to make her appear a tad heavier, whereas the longer hair seemed to slenderize a touch! Well, yes, as all can imagine she cried, my wife at the time scowling and verbalizing how cruel she felt my truth was!

Hell, some rather many, believe in part, that where we spend eternity may be related directly in part to what degree of honesty we walked in while alive! I can only say this, I would hate to jeopardize my eternity, due to you demanding I lie about your geeked up hair style! Nor will I indeed! To put it in a down home sort of way if you please, I aint going to lie about you're pot pie in order to pay an eternal price!

If one believes not I the premise, foundation, comparison or example, I still feel it sharpens the point somewhat anyway. Hell, if I was going to be a practiced liar, I think I would reserve it for the important things in life, I don't think I'd waste lies on your hair style and clothes.
Question, do you like my new outfit? Answer, actually no I don't! Simple enough? No harm no foul!

And if the answer offends you, the question-askers need to be more selective about who they inquire concerning such things! For it is often our bold and unthought-out questions, that we selfishly hurl, not thinking of the uncomfortable position it puts others in, that bring results we often like not! So don't ask ok? Not sure any care about you're hair but you anyway! Yes, truth be known!
Rodney Evan Bohen

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the worst I've ever read

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Oh, Bardly one,


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