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09-27-2005, 08:19 PM
walking out to your backyard and finding these???? :ohwell
OMG! I'd freak!


Unusual Summer Swarm of Arkansas Copperheads

2005 by Linda Moulton Howe

Adult male, juvenile male and juvenile female copperheads began swarming in Yellville, Arkansas,
yard by mid-July 2005, three months earlier than normal move to dens for winter hibernation.

Arkansas copperhead moving toward cedar tree in Chuck Miller's Yellville, Arkansas, back yard.
Photograph 2005 by Stan Trauth, Ph.D.

August 18, 2005 Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas - In mid-July, zoologist Prof. Stan Trauth in the Biological Sciences Department at Arkansas State University received a phone call from the Arkansas state herpetologist, Kelly Irwin. There was a swarm of at least sixty copperheads in the back yard of Yellville, Arkansas, resident, Chuck Miller. After five years of living on his forested ridge property, Mr. Miller knew it was too early and he'd never seen so many snakes together before. Copperheads don't usually move into groups, or "aggregates," until late September to October for hibernation.

Chuck Miller knew people wouldn't believe what was happening unless he caught some of the snakes as proof. So he went out at dusk and stood in one place to catch some. The copperheads were moving through his yard in and around several sites on his property, but especially around a cedar tree where Mr. Miller caught sixty. Prof. Trauth sent one of his students to see who reported back, "Sure enough, lots of copperheads!"

Chuck Miller, 35, of rural Marion County captures a copperhead the night of August 17, 2005,
next to a cedar tree on his property. Miller and Prof. Stan Trauth, have documented nearly 100 copperheads
so far in Miller's back yard, but no one knows why the snakes began gathering in such large numbers
in mid-July instead of late September to October before normal denning.
Photograph 2005 by The Baxter Bulletin.

There's lots more info in the article but the length was too long for the post. Check it out.... :thud .


09-27-2005, 08:40 PM
Great piece Plant, thanks.

A lot of very odd things and events going on in our world today.

09-27-2005, 08:41 PM
Very interesting article PPlantlady. I wonder what in the world would cause all of those snakes to gather like that. http://bardscoliseum.com/images/smilies/ohwell.gif


That is correct.


Yes, I would say so. Certainly we responded immediately once we found out about this particular event taking place. So, it's been a very interesting series of discoveries as we've continued to study this particular site."

09-27-2005, 08:55 PM
Absolutely a great article, and many reasons to ponder. Could be a mixture of everything? Remember the Tsunami that hit, but the wild animals got away, before it hit? Good reason to pay attention to a story like this.

But Yea! Gives me a reason to tell my snake story of 2 days ago. (I got in trouble on my board, but I think they were just worried about me, as they know how I am.) :winky

I am one of these that get turtles and things off the roads out here, to keep them from being hit by cars. I probably average 20 turtles a year, among other things. Baby raccoons playing in the road must be encouraged to get off the road.
I have gotten snakes off too when they are basking on the pavement, because so many people like to kill them. I have always stayed a distance and just startled them off, as I have/had some fear of them. :winky

Well I passed this snake, and thought someone had ran over it, but could not take that chance, so stopped ad walked right back to it. Then I said you don't look smashed, at which time the head moved. (about a 4 ft king, I think) Brown with green in it.
As I continued to talk to the snake :winky and say you have to get off the road. I found about a 2foot stick with a fork in the end of it. Calmly I put the stick under the head and down toward the belly, and it kind of a tiny bit rushed at me, then just stopped. I was still calm, reached down and picked up the tail, higher than the head and walked about 6 feet to the hillside and let it down easy and it slithered off.
Then I thought Thank you Jeff Corwin and was on my way feeling much better. :winky