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09-01-2013, 12:15 AM
When I ride The Night, I often drift into the past.
I recall lunchboxes and paper-bag lunches and ridicule too.
I fought through it for years though it seemed eternity,
Then finally I found myself accepted by 'them'

Them being the bad boys and elite as well,
but confusion, a peer pressure always drove me on,
I could never be good enough for the one or the other
so I fell in a meadow accepted by none.

I'm not the first to find this strange place
where you are not accepted, by the one or the rest
But I kept forgeing on in a violent path
and it bought me some time in a place with no bath

Yes, its a silly little poem no doubt I agree, but' i just needed to write in order to feel free,
Freedom never found me, I chased it as a boy chases the wind
Then one day when the santa-ana winds blew I felt it found me

The winds propelled me and lifted me high as the sky, a and I saw things
above higher than the sky on high,
Colors unimagined no words to portray,
Colors that literally swept me away!

I stood both baffled and miffed awestruck, yet
I found myself covered in purple scarf, I pondered the moment best as I could
then simply fell down to the earth feeling stupid once more
I found the heights without trying im did

I cannot write a road-map, never said I could,
but i saw what i saw, though few men believe
I saw what i saw men need not agree bought where I stood!.

I was high as a mountain tall as a tree
it was was splendor and lights amber and bright full of just free!
sunshine sweet smelling and bright, it was warm beyond warm
like you never have seen, inviting and welcoming like a thanksgiving scene

I really know not why 'I'm recalling this scene, except i gotta believe someone else has has experienced the same moment of serene,

Silly poem oh yes I agree heartily, but I was compelled to write it in order to be free, bad poem YES I agree indeed, but I merely needed to write one more time in order to be free.....

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Thank you StrayStar.