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10-21-2013, 07:40 AM
Bard always liked this poem written by my wife, Maribou.
Today seems like the best day to post it as a fitting & final tribute to the Bard.
We love you Bard! We will miss you always. Catfish & Maribou.

Hunting for Hope

The Hunter calls
and it is not the sweet sound
of the horn signaling the hunt
but rather the sick moment
of realization of death.

The Hunter calls, the harbinger,
bringing sad news of departure
of beauty of talent of friendship
of love.

The Hunter calls and I echo his call
into other hearts in hearing
to spread truth to tell the tragic tale
to provoke thought, sentiments, and philosophy
to examine to learn
and to reflect on little known effects
to find humor and to think
on the spirits of man living and dead
and to look for healing of loss of life
of goodness of kindness
and of opportunities now missed
and looking so much brighter thru the places
now empty, the bricks now missing
in the architecture of our society

Yet, looking thru those portals
one sees skies radiant
with clouds keeping secrets of gone-yonders
and wishes of the living rain down
great mists of renewal
of resurrection of life
in the endless ancient cycle
which makes all this reluctantly acceptable

The Hunter calls and I welcome his call
answering with curiosity and eagerness
to know to learn to live
it is always the shock
that invites the conscience to open
to enlighten, to find more than what appears
to look deeper into the facts
not to make judgment
(for judgment is reserved for God)
but to find the humanity and the purpose
for we die not randomly
but rather at very specific times
(untimely death is a concept for humans)
and though we may not always know
the reasons or the rhymes
most of the time
they find us anyway.

(c) Copyright 2001 by Mary McIntyre Brown