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09-19-2005, 03:24 PM
Dream Chasers of The Sixties
By Rodney Evan

We became a barometer and conscience to a society that desired neither!

Excerpt from "Letters To Carla: Chasing my Heart"

Letters to Carla 8/16/2001

The Dream Chasers of the Sixties

My Dear Carla,

Hoping this expression of heart finds you postured in loveliness as well as beauty. Carla, where indeed along the way do we as beings shed the wonderment and zest for life that covered us as a cloak in our youth? At what age indeed do I inquire were we taught that to daily seek excitement as well as wonderment and dreams is reserved only for those standing in the enchanted world of youth? Somehow I was taught as many, that upon reaching a certain age one must shed such wondrous attributes of character such as these, I was taught that freedom, and footloose as well as dreamchasing were things one willingly sheds upon reaching adulthood! To be replaced with a stern sober approach to life imbued in stoic reality, handheld in stayed responsibility, depicting maturity!

I wonder today at fifty years old if I was misinformed, to be sure! Yes, I rebelled as well as protested heartily at these demands in my young adult life! Rather giving way to a life of freedom as embraced by the hippie generation I stood as a member of indeed! I displayed my contempt and disdain for such imposed demands of lifestyle, by growing my hair, hitchhiking, as well as driving and touring the country wrapped in beauty and splendor, I as well partook of the forbidden fruit of drugs, including, LSD, Pot and other assorted varying substances as well! I did so as many did in my day, in order to cast a voice of protest to the status quo! I held my voice high against those that demanded all must act and be the same, as well as be driven as well by the goals that society dictated rather than what lied within the depths of ones heart! They were times of serious study of self, for me! Not merely a chance to party! No many in this era and time took our dissent quite seriously! And we did not quake a nation as well! We stopped a war by the protest of our hearts, as well as first raised the worthy banner of peace and love! To be distributed equally unto all men despite race, creed, or color!

We were a minority harassed senselessly by the badgewearers, as well as all others that represented majority rule at the time! We wore our hair long as a badge of honor, stating we are free thinkers and spirits as well! Yes, we felt we were entitled, as I still feel we are today! Yes, Carla, there was much of the hippie revolution that should be remembered in kindness, if historians paint it in truth! We stood as a people for the first time ever to suggest that a free country should be free indeed! We were the first to endorse the conscientious objectors that trail blazed a path before us in shame according to many!

We believed that to fight and die for country alone perhaps should be reexamined; we felt one should embrace the cause in heart based on morality, if one was to lay down his life indeed for the cause! We resented the fact that the poor were drafted, while the rich as well as the privileged college bound were released from such life threatening fears! We supported civil rights and laid down our lives at Kent State! Yes, Carla, there was much that was noble and honorable imbued indeed in the revolution, if historians paint it in truth! There was much more attached to our cause than just free love and smoking pot!

We became a barometer and conscience to a society that desired neither! We deplored the violence and death that shadowed Viet Nam, while the status quo endorsed it as the height of honorable! We were the first generation of youngsters to state let us alone! We were called bums and transients! And we held to our right to be so! We traveled the States in VW buses with bumper stickers such as adorned my vehicle that said, "let's come together" Now that certainly remains not a bad theme, does it now? We mixed the races, and created lovely different colored babes! We embraced the black man as our own, as well as the aged as well! We laughed at preordained authority instituted by others, as well as balked at the fact that we were old enough to fight and die! But yet not old enough to drink!

We asked the hard questions that a fair and just society should have stood ready to answer! No, not all that we did was colored in honor and moral excellence! But no movement in time that has integrated change ever has been showered in perfection, but what changes we did invoke, we did without violence! And that was a first for mankind! Yes, we had men to lead us as Dear Martin and John, and we were led of our hearts equally noble in kind, we stepped out in love and were battered and beaten, we forgave those that did it, just in order for it to happen again! Yes, there was much indeed noble as well as honorable concerning these gentle hearts that changed the face of mankind forevermore!

Yes, Carla, why must man shed his childlike dreams and expectations of daily happiness as well as a life of roaming if he so chooses? Why indeed must dreamchasing be cast in a tainted light of immaturity dripping in irresponsibility! After all, Nomad tribes move often, do they not? Why must one settle in one place, and have one job, in order to be deemed responsible? Yes, all men differing from our concept of success are typecast as losers! I wonder about that to be certain! Were all, I ask, who rode freely the trains of the fifties mere bums? Or were some merely men enchanted with the beauty of the regions of the world, who chose to inhale as much as they could in their allotted time upon earth? Yes, a society hardened in steadfast uniformity often offers little in the way of grace to such men indeed! All who differ from the status quo are cast in a demeaning light to be sure! Yes, my dear, I guess the hippie in me as well as the protesting heart within me have found few answers to many of these questions as I unfolded into what society deemed as proper and acceptable, I now wonder if I ever should have cut my hair at all! Well, I still wear it longer than most deem acceptable by their standards! But actually, it merely is the way I like to wear it still!

Yes, we were a kind generation, simply attempting to usher in more of the same! Now truly, what fault can be found in that? Yes, there are few you can find this day, that will admit to the part they played in the sixties, yes few who will admit to their hippie heritage to be sure! But that differs not, from finding anyone who voted for a President once in office! So we remain surrounded by cowards still this day! Men who have not the backbone to speak their mind nor heart if it be of a minority dissenting opinion, Alas, perhaps it is time once again for an infusion and a resurgence of a generation so grand that blessed us with their courage and presence as they did once long ago!

For Yes, the surroundings about us this day certainly would alert one to the need of such a theme worn upon the hearts of many once again! Yes, referring to love and peace, extended to all men in equity, thus painting a nation once again knitted together in harmony of heart! Oh, I full well know Carla, that my words of heart this day shall enrage many a small heart clamoring in uniformity under the umbrella of societies rule and regime! But, it pissed 'em off then! Why not piss 'em off again! I leave you now to digest my words sent in love and peace, may you stumble upon both in abundance this day my dear friend.

Yours In Love,

09-24-2005, 06:11 PM
"We became a barometer and conscience to a society that desired neither!"

great line

09-24-2005, 08:06 PM
Thank you Tao, I always was fond of that line myself.

It was a revelatory time in history to be certain.

It seemed the the very first time in history an entire generation of young people in earnest, began to ask hard questions, worthy of answers.

09-29-2005, 12:45 AM
Loved reading it the first time-love it now- :thumbsup

Your book has brought love in-tears strolling down and then the restful Peace.

Your book

"Tell ya what Bard-on the hard days I read a letter-I take love-wisedom-your heart-my heart-IP around in my head all day-I snack on your words-Love your book man""- :rahrah

09-29-2005, 02:52 PM

I am speechless, in thanks. :flowers

Thank you for taking the time to say so

You will never know how much it means to me


Peace sister