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09-30-2005, 02:33 PM
Rance Rider

I buzz the bell.the dogs go OFF.
I shout "jack" dogs go off.
Rance comes, the door near flys "OFF".
No talking just follow in too get "OFF"

Iam like some veiled women.
Veiled in junk , that is.
I walk behind him
Of Course

If the ex.wife is there Iam shuttled to da living room
She hates me for no reason
May be my cuteness.?
Or just the case of her ""Bumping uglies""

The guys are in the kitchen
Cooking up the bake
The smell of the chemicals
near puts me Off the get off.

The blood spots give away the tin women
She is all hardened up via crank
On the couch; crashing about with words
That I cant see and she cant speak.

Rance comes striving past
Holdings gear like baby
Yes he does have dat much
but the blood spots again.

My time too turn a round
I hit the kitchen
I bend over the stove
i do-da-do-do"s

Private forum time'
Off to bathroom to bend over
the hand basin takes the blood in swells
Down and away.The crank cranks.

I am taken hostage by them
All their talk talk
takes me no where
I Wanda go..

Never that easy
with these ppl's
Cos they crankers and take hostages
Call 111

Shout those dogs off me
The big one weights more than me
thats some thing I hate in a dog

I manage to just get to the door
Iam shouted back
UGGH..I rattle around his room
I finger his finds, I make the right noises
Buzzing of the door brings me hope

I hit the door running
I hit the pavement on wheels
They take me to where I wanta go
Home too home and the Sony sounds

Poodles o0f the cuff..

10-01-2005, 04:25 PM
the is a powerful creative pen...a heartfelt piece -

I herby award you the rare and valuable telsa WoWsA award for poetry excellence - (don't seel it on e-bay......)