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10-03-2005, 08:19 PM
Morning Chorus

They all have great advice.-They even manage to bully their way into my dreams.
I lie awake most of the night..In a trance –like state-Iam rubbing my hands over imperfect skin.nipping what is not their to squeeze.

Iam imagining noises, then follows the rain.After 2 hours the undersheet has completely gone..The throw over over rug has taken a dive and the pillows are scattered.

I roll outta bed on 6-Am, my head full of wasps and unsteady on my pins. The first cig near puts me over..The stomach rebels against the horse sized muti-vitums. With the nausea rising, the morning stretch pops my ears. Shuffling to the bath-room I can feel the pits under my eyes. I go for the cord-the light near blinds me. I splash cold water over face; it doesn’t revive, only assaults.
I check my look out in the bed-room mirror-I tug and pull my hair. Iam zombie girl.Clothing is spewed over chairs and leaking around the floor.

Wandering into kitchen Iam thinking “I must get my life together” I can feel the control slipping; its been 3 weeks in my new flat and Ive not even got a set of drawers.
I didn’t go to Morton’s Auction House, as advised by the bar-man-he even took me outside into the harsh light of day –he gave very detailed directions.

My racing bike is abandoned on the front porch-the back type deflated like a spent condom.
The Therapy sessions have not been attend, the bar-bells sit lonely.
Mothers phone calls have been reduced too
“”Are you taking your meds?”
“”Come on mum would I be sounding this good if I wasn’t”

Visions of Jackbooted men and the shower scene from psycho demand my attention.Iam pulled back in to the moment.The radio in the back-ground asks
“”Are we losing our Kiwi Identity”

Hell I never reasoned we had one..

Poodles of the cuff

10-03-2005, 11:03 PM

I thought this was very very good, I do mean that.

I mean very good.

Some fine fucking lines, great imagry, descript, small story.

Real & raw, a little humor tossed in as well.

Good read. :flowers


10-05-2005, 05:39 PM
:tiphat -Thanks Bard-I love doing 500-3000 words best..Not done any really new poems for ages-love 500 plus words.<<<Big wide smile here>>>

12-18-2006, 08:55 PM
been walking the outer courts and found this gem - :tiphat