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05-22-2006, 12:42 AM
A Moment or Two
by Rodney Evan

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Dedicated to my Indian Princess....

A moment or two glistening in time
Is what were remembered for long upon days end
Time is not of the essence the bard cried
But moments cried the bard
Tis not how many, nor how long, but the moment itself

Tis the depth of the stream, how deep it runneth
Tis not how many a lass we kiss, but the one caught in time flickering,
Whose breath lingered yes, long upon our breath indeed
Tis this wee flicker of the night can torch the world in a day
Setting nite breath of darkness to flight

He shouted how men wanted all,
When indeed a flicker is all that man needed
He spoke of measurements and instruments of the same
As he wove their hearts anew with the things he did say
He spoke of incrament flicker, or a short breath in time

Story goes he exhaled them, upon the breath of his words
They say they were wee starflicks, subursts summersaulting in nites shine
Story goes that they fell about him, settling in a row
His magic was varied, his speaking the same
Yet all never wondered from whence he came

He spoke of a moment, one splendid moment in time
When his breath left his body, upon seeing her shine
One mere little moment was all time required
To transport a whirlwind of passion exhaled
He said wind was spirit, when sent in love true

Wind and spirit, can forever strike a mans heart
He spoke of times elements churning now in time
Lifetimes are remembered in flickered moments he did cry
Love is born upon a single glittering moment embraced
One moment, pure, true , and mingled of virgin hearts

One mere moment alone, in love, glitters forevermore.....

07-31-2006, 05:34 PM
much enjoyed

I think the title should be

a Flicker