View Full Version : Nude Swimmers Abandon Loch Ness Swim

09-20-2005, 09:06 AM
INVERNESS, Scotland (AP) -- One lap of Loch Ness was barely tolerable, but two more proved too much Saturday for a group of nude swimmers who surrendered to bad weather.

The four men and two women, taking turns of an hour each, began their charity stunt Friday night and completed their first 23-mile lap Saturday morning. And that was all, as temperatures sank and winds rose.

"We swam all through the night and successfully completed one length in 14 hours and four minutes but the conditions were so bad we couldn't go on," said Kevin Mitchell, 56, the first swimmer to set off Friday.

"The waves were so big and the wind was so strong that we couldn't keep the (escort) boat with the swimmer and that made it unsafe to continue."

British Naturism had organized the sponsored relay to raise money for Cancer Research UK.