View Full Version : Personal Demon

10-23-2006, 10:50 PM

One day as I was riding in the frosty winter air,
I heard hoof beats behind me and spied a rider there.
He galloped toward me furiously, charging very fast;
an arm appeared outside his shroud holding a net to cast.

He bent his body forward as he whipped his sprinting steed;
I spurred my horse to action and I took a narrow lead,
selecting a familiar trail; I hoped I knew it right.
His stallionís breath was on me now; its red eyes burning bright.

With cheek pressed on my horseís neck, I begged my beast for speed
but soon he started taunting me; ďIt is your soul I need!Ē
The distance became shorter as he twirled net above his head;
my heart was filled with mortal fear that soon I would be dead.

A feeble whisper from the rear soon grew into a shout.
I did not know from whence it came but turned my horse about.
The shouting sounded much like me. Could it be my own voice?
And so I charged the shrouded man, for battle was my choice.

Before Iíd die in these cold woods, Iíll wield a will thatís free
I ripped the reaperís hood aside, demanding that I see
what wicked Demon did pursue, whose visage would it be?
That riderís dreadful spurs and face have long belonged to me.