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09-20-2005, 09:03 PM
Desert Night

by Rodney Evan

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Swarthy, still, comes night
bursting forth uncalled,
in untold radiance
draped in black hole dark
she then falls, as does a
garment, cloaking, attiring and stealing
the day
The night bleeds to day
as does dye so doth inhale
all it's touch,
does fall upon
I have known
and day alike
yet none know night
till they have embraced
the stark desert night
their remains no other
instrument of power
men can wield,
that compares to the
still desert black night
that strips, cuts man
to bone core
I have known nighttime
known daytime as well
but the desert night
knows no man
for she churns in unrivaled
obscurity and unmatched glory
to behold
she glitters in
the dark coals
star embers as
traced Fireflies of night flight
but none know her as I,
this desert night
that doth so cut to the
very marrow of man's heart
Ah, but I know thee
Oh mistress of the coal
desolation yields in tall
sweeping bow
to your mystery of hush
isolation painted stark still
for isolation remains your
name, scent and mark
and you dwell on the night
upon the desert night stars
dark cowards quake
spending a night
alone in your grasp
whilst the nobler and wanting
wilt quickly and willingly
in your sight
persuaded, one night will
make anew their very soul
new, as the night strips
all garments away,
yes, of body,
mind and
deep unearthed soul
spirit as well
left naked and tumbling
in raw thought, essence shaken
I sat tattered and torn
yes, tattered and torn
nighttime dressed in
true solitude
pronounces and invokes
a blessing
upon these
an invocation given on behalf
of few
stamped never on cowards
nor fools held at bay
for she inscribes her name branded
upon stalwart types and scent
folks born in mystery and with
adventure bleeding through
she kisses only the valiant
when the lonely night
is through
yes only the bold ones
lasting the whole night till dew
in the still desert night
when it remains only you
is where such a blessing
is invoked upon one
she derails fools
and skeptics as well
her soul cutting power
and persuasion a bell
she marks what invites her
and dismisses the rest
the desert night her name
my mirror,
heart friend

09-24-2005, 05:21 PM
draped in black hole dark
she then falls, as does a
garment, cloaking, attiring and stealing
the day

my fav part - nice work poet

09-24-2005, 05:59 PM
Ty Tao.