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01-25-2007, 04:28 PM
Good to leave the crowded city

Good to leave the crowded city
hit the back roads,ain't they pretty?
Let's unload our ATV's
by that sign 'No Trespass Please.'

Run through that gate,what can it hurt
there's nothin here but grass and dirt
yeah, let the dogs out,they can play
so much space they can run all day
who's got the chainsaw,these rails look good
we're gonna need some fire wood.

Get me a beer,man, I got a thirst.
...it's quiet here, put on a CD first.
Crank up that volume,who's gonna hear
Might scare away the bear and deer.
Bears got claws and deer got ticks
ya gotta be careful out here in the sticks.
Where's all the ammo get out my gun
Just saw a squirrel, gonna get me one.
Well there son you're a real man now
you just put a slug in the leg of a cow.
Now what's with the tears? It's just beef on the hoof
Dog's must be back ..think I heard a woof!
Duke's sure is pantin but I don't see Daisy
I always knew that those female's were lazy.

Hey! who's doing that shooting,it ain't you or me
I think I saw something move..by that tree
We better take cover,head for the truck
Run fast as you can son, and make sure to duck.

Hey there fellas......
You ain't got no invites,you don't know my name
But you're in my sights,and you might be fair game.
Those rails in your fire mean cattle in my crops
and your ATV's turned my fields into slops
My milk cow she's limping,in a great deal of pain
needs anti biotics,spoiled milk again.
Your dogs ran my horses,my foal's badly mauled
he's lying right there, where your dead bitch is sprawled.

This land is my livin,seed I have sown
I'm a peace lovin man,but I take care of my own
You ain't got no invites,you don't know my name
Now you're in my sights,and I think you're fair game.
Here in the country,true north strong and free
I call it homeland se-cur-i-ty.


01-29-2007, 07:29 PM
this is a very thought provoking write rb - it is quite different from the other worx you have posted - I actually read it a few days ago and just kinda thought on it a spell....its actually a "form" I have used on occasion a loose freestyle yet still hit the "rime" on time. I usually dont bother to hit the stops after awhile but yours is organised - a "micro story"....

I look forward to reading more of these by you I enjoyed it.

01-29-2007, 11:55 PM
Thanx very much,salsa. :flowers
I like to try different 'forms' sometimes...but it can be painful.