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02-02-2007, 02:15 PM

Penguin launches its first 'wiki' novel
Reuters | Friday, 2 February 2007

I didnt know where to psot this-so here it is--

LONDON: Fancy trying your hand at creative writing but can't quite find the time? Tired of scribbling away all by yourself?

Publisher Penguin may have the answer a web-based, collaborative novel that can be written, edited or read by anyone, anywhere thanks to "wiki" software, the technology behind web encyclopaedia Wikipedia.
The novel, A Million Penguins, went live on Thursday and its first lines are already being written, edited and rewritten by enthusiasts on www.amillionpenguins.com.

Penguin, which embarked on the project with a group of creative writing and new media students, says it is using the novel as a test of whether a group of disparate and diverse people can create a "believable fictional voice".
"This is an experiment. It may end up like reading a bowl of alphabet spaghetti," Jeremy Ettinghausen, head of digital publishing at Penguin UK said, adding there were no plans as yet to publish the completed work.
"We are not making any predictions. It would be utterly fantastic if we could at the end create a print remix."

So far, the first chapter includes Carlo, a troubled man walking his dog, and "on the other side of the globe" a seductive murderer, Tom Morouse, "known as the Tango poisoner".
The experimental novel, which Penguin says is the first "wiki novel" to be started from scratch by a major publishing house, will be online for at least six weeks.

But it warns budding artists that the work is not a talent search and insists it expects a variety of tones and abilities.
"In an ideal world we could throw in a sense of plausibility, balance and humour," Penguin's blogger, Jon Elek, wrote in an entry earlier this week.
"That's asking a lot, and in truth I'll be happy so long as it manages to avoid becoming some sort of robotic-zombie-assassins-against-African-ninjas-in-space-narrated-by-a-Papal-Tiara type of thing."

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That sounds like a really cool idea. :cool :cool Why didn't Bard think of it? Or maybe he did?

Maybe we should try a communal poem here in the Poetry Pavillion? :shrug

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Yeah that is a cool idea about the book -

Bard and I have done that several times with poetry in the past usually just the two of us going back and forth very informal - kind of like two late night rappers under the streetlight on the corner lol

but the poetry room is getting active again which is very very nice....we should do a few colab poems sometime it would be fun...... :amen

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ravenblanc and salsa --Iam in-would love to do muti-poem with ppls-whos starting-I did a story one at a web.site once--really---really ----great Fun-xoxoxo :happy

02-03-2007, 12:23 AM
OK, here's my invite to all. :flowers


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can we do story not poem please-?-

:flowers :flowers

what ever-whos going to start-?

02-03-2007, 04:00 PM
1) Once upon a time......
2) It was a dark and stormy night......
3) Long ago and far away......
Sorry Poodles,I've never done stories but why don't you just start one and see what happens? :flowers

02-03-2007, 06:46 PM
OK---What about you start the poem-Salsa has already started a short-story. HOws that-?