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09-19-2005, 12:15 PM
The Eyes Of The Heart
By Rodney Evan

Excerpt from my book .......
"Letters to Carla Chasing My Heart"

Letters to Carla
The Eyes Of The Heart

My Dear Carla,

Carla, people like me at a distance it seems! So I shall spend the rest of my life respecting that arms length distance, for when they know me better, they generally become disenchanted for some reason or another. It could be my outspoken character imbedded in a sincere belief system, that is unyielding at times indeed! However becoming aware of such a character defect is indeed the first steppingstone in conquering such a distasteful flaw! Oh, read me not wrong my dear! To have fervent heartfelt convictions based on morals are fine! They are what lend character to mankind! But the key to love lies in the spirit in which a thought is tossed out! Not in the merit nor honorable nature of the thought held so close to oneís heart!

Yes, as I have stated often before, a man can be entirely right and sincere in what he is espousing! And yet sincerely wrong in the way he does it! Yes, if the way one paints a picture in order to turn and bend men's hearts toward good, is so abrasive that it causes the onlooker to look away and to never look back! The artist indeed has nullified the work! The preacher, who empties the church with his fire and brimstone message, has indeed left himself no hearts to harvest! Savvy? Yes, Carla, I ponder my actions daily in order to see what part I play in my seeming lack of ability to interact with others! For indeed I only posses the power to change my self!

Man has no power to change another! Except through the sparkling majesty and glory of gentle love! Yes, Carla, it is my feeling indeed that love remains the only power on earth to alter and change the disposition of manís heart! It is furthermore a program of attraction not promotion! One must breath the essence of love in order to become attractive to others; it as well must be the genuine thing! For man as well as beast and child alike can sniff out the masquerading one! Mankind hungers for the real raw element of love! All know when they have compromised in their acceptance of less! And all know if they have it not at all! Yes, man deceives not himself as easily as he thinks! The mind can be trained to accept what you tell it to believe, but the heart is a roaring lion of pureness that allows not lies to abide and rest upon its heart forever! Yes, it is my belief that almost all folk with ample minds and intelligence know if they are truly loved or not! Man seldom focuses on the not aspect however! Due to the dramatic and traumatic ramifications that such pondering shall drag into his life! Man seeks seldom anything that shall truly shake up his life so neatly stacked in a row as ducks at a shooting range! Many men today must ponder financial ruin if they ponder the quality or true ness of the love they have or have not as well! So in obeisance to the gold coin, they continue on their journey of compromise! I must ask what place honesty ranks in these decisions however! For if a man charters his entire life according to the pursuit, loss or gain of the gold coin, I fear he shall never indeed discover the loveliness only unfolded when man abandons such things indeed!

Honesty of heart, as well as sincere love and affection are what indeed need to drive and steer a manís heart! And until these priorities are recognized for their eternal importance, man shall always dwell in and upon the same plane and plateau, one never invaded with true passion, nor true love! Yes, today Carla, I would rather live my life in solitude rather than to convince myself that someone loved me who loved me not! However this statement speaks not to the state of most men's hearts I fear! For most would rather allow themselves to believe a lie in order to not be alone, rather than to believe the truth which always invites solitude for a season or two! Yes, most folk are terrified to be alone! For solitude allows the heart to speak! Isolation invites the heart of man to sing! Yes, the man abiding in isolation can no longer disguise, veil nor drown out the cries of his heart, as he did in the past due to the business and clutter of life that muted always the sincere cry of his heart! Yes, activity, laced in business or an active social life is often merely a blanket to cover and muffle the wanting and whispering heart!

Man seeks not to hear the dreams of his heart unfolding time and again as do the waves of the sea approach and return time and again! For he lacks to courage to attempt to implement the dictates and desires of his heart! For often they are indeed difficult to reconcile and resolve, and more difficult yet to achieve! So man merely drowns them out with the business of daily life, full of activities! Never listening to the silence! Never hearing the secrets to life that lie in the second watch in the quiet of the night! Yes, it is the quietest yearning of the heart that man can barely hear when he is listening! That indeed needs to be amplified! It is the quietest voice that needs to be given audience! It is the day in and day out moment to moment longing of ones heart that moans and sighs in muted quieted whispers, that one must lend their ear to in order to discover the dreams that lie untouched in their heart of hearts! It is not the thunder that sounds in crackling bursts that awakens and alerts man to the sincere cry and desire of his heart! But the silence that lies in-between each thunderous blast! Neither is it the lightning that zigzags across the sky that is the key to manís heart! But the trace and tail that still streaks and streams across ones mind long after the lightning has disappeared! The key to happiness that needs to be unearthed in manís heart lies not in the beauty of the colors that the rainbow displays, but rather in the colors you see not! Yes, the secret dreams that lie upon the face of manís heart undisturbed, shall not be seen in the rain that falls and beats upon the ground in such fury on a hot summer afternoon, but rather shall be viewed in the mist that rises and ascends unto the heavens once again after contact! The secret lies not in the beautiful splendor and color arrayed and carried upon the wings of the butterfly! But rather the secret lies in the cocoon from which it came! Yes, man is stumped and bewildered indeed by such things, do to his inability as well as disinterest in understanding! For truly only the searching and pondering man shall ever obtain glances into such secrets of life of heart and happiness! And only the persistent and tenacious voyager shall ever see clearly! Yes, happiness as well as every other aspect of life is contingent on manís ability to observe! If man observes not! He shall know not! For nothing shall be obtained in life, nor captured in excellence, without first being observed! And only those among us who desire more tomorrow than we hold today, bear the eyes to see as well as the desire to observe! Almost all the secrets of life are made available to man, through the resources of observational skills!

Oh, misunderstand me not lads and lasses! I speak not only to the necessity of visual observation, which is of vital importance indeed! But I refer rather to the observational skills of the heart! To which the first pales in importance! For the eyes of the heart indeed are the only tool known to man to unearth and discover the radiance of life that awaits unfolding itself unto each of us if we will but look, see, and search! Now, it goes without saying that none of these words are directed to the man indeed who has captured his fill of contentment and therefore can simply stand no more! But rather these words are directed to those such as I that have a hunger and thirst for more! More insight, more compassion, more understanding, and yes, more love! So as we ferry ourselves across this river named life, may we know in the very basement of our being,, that our heart indeed is the steering wind that shall sail us in safety to the destination called happiness, it is our heart indeed that shall take us there to the place of our dreams, if we shall only listen to her plea and call, and then merely let her have her way! She is gentle and caring above all things! She seeks not to harm nor injure! But only to guide us in safety to the place where true happiness and love awaits us! A place where gentleness blows daily, and beauty rides upon the wind, a place where fulfillment is inhaled, and gratitude is exhaled. A place where peace presides, and kindness sits at her right hand, a place where all are needed and embraced in love! May we each softly inch our way towards this place called paradise this day.

Yours Layered In Love,

10-01-2005, 04:45 PM
I'm not sure I may have read this excerpt before from the link at your olde place to your book site - I like this alot - it starts and end with a punch. I think you overuse the ! symbol in the text - one small nit.