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04-05-2007, 02:58 AM
Chattering Back 2 the Beat-

Not good being huge over a bridge hey Little Louise-
I had screamed at Dad-then I went Mute-What-ever.
-I couldn't shout when I tried,

Time over the bridge seemed 4 ever.
I was Little-Louise-I was scrabbled in the head-thinking he
Really Would drop me into the water
He swung me in Rhythm -
Tick-tock -his words so ugly-
Him A Guttural Monkey.

"Come over here cos while you cry Little.Louise, I" ill Cuddle."

Is safe now-time to be with Cooing and Slow down -Smilings.

Big 1950"s Dog- Plus --A Hedgerow of Soft Dollies-
Is safe to come out now and -Dance free to music-

You're so fast already. When they turn their backs
U always Toddler Run-

"Come over here cos while we cry, we can Cuddle up."
"You darling -Sweet-heart girl-is Little-Louise-

Was better- Safer with the Nuns -Always the singing-
Skating the floors clean with little rag booties on-
Routine - Structure- Regular food-talking nice with other Little-ppl"s.

While we remember this
"Come over here cos while you cry, I" ill Cuddle."

"I thought I had lost u forever; it was best 4 U 2 B
"Not here-Not here -Not Hear---IT"-

The hardest sound to this child ever.
I think was the noise of ppl"s getting hit and hurt.
Soaking and Shouting Fear. In the Closest -In a Bubble-

"Come over here Little Louise-Lets have a Cuddle"

What with all the rocking-touching and tapping-was hard to find you.

I can Love her up-I can chatter, Coo and Kind her.

Better late than never-
Seems Like Iam-
"A late-Louise for Ever"


I" ill take it any age I can get it-

"Come over here; Cos while you Cry-Iill Coo and Kind ya

04-05-2007, 12:50 PM
You touched the frightened child inside of me with this one,Poodles.But the old lady looking back at me from the mirror this morning says Now is never late.Thanks for sharing. :flowers

04-05-2007, 07:49 PM
Now is never late. :thumbsup