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07-27-2007, 10:55 PM
I'm about the biggest Giants fan on earth.. lol..

Have been since a wee kid..

My collection of Giants memoribilia includes a Willie mays rookie card and an autographed baseball with both Mays and his godson Bonds signatures and "660" on it. Which was of course celebrates a momentous occassion when Barry tied Willie in homeruns..

Here is a pic of me as a kid in the mid 80's at a giants game at old candlestick park..


This is a moment I've been waiting for for years.. Barry gets his record any day now.... I'm a senior resident and have been for years at the sfgiants.com message board.

I've spent the last 4 years beating off media sheep who doubt and disregard Barry's acomplishments due to the ALLEGATIONS of steroid use.. It's been a hobby of mine..lol

07-28-2007, 03:53 AM
due to the ALLEGATIONS of steroid use.. It's been a hobby of mine..lol


07-28-2007, 06:46 AM
I'm sort of mixed on this. Bonds has never proven to take the juice, but the circumstantial evidence is there - even the guy's head grew! Bonds is also an asshole.

Hank Aaron, OTH, was a class act from beginning to end. As a black athlete, he had to play one season in the Negro Leagues, for the Indianapolis Clowns, no less (how the hell can a professional team be called the Clowns?) He took racist shit every spring down in Florida and got redneck hate mail by the buckets when he approached Ruth's record. He needed protection in some cities because of the hatred. So in some ways, it's a shame that Hank will no longer be the all-time home run king.

I suppose one could put an asterisk by Aaron's 755 - most home runs by a baseball player, and not some doped up, steroid fueled freakazoid.

Call it the legacy of Bud Zelig and the media hype of 1998. Then Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' single season HR record (broken by Bonds himself three years later). McGwire was canonized as some great role model athlete and the fuckin' media ignored that he was openly doping, nobody commented on what a crybaby Big Mac was when he watched a called third strike; nope, he was a new hero to the grand old game. And a farce.

When Bonds witnessed all the hoopla over this one-dimensional limited freak of a slugger, he decided to start juicing himself after the season, or so the story goes. Zelig and the BWAA created this mess, in their rush to regain the fans lost from the 1994-95 strike, and wet themselves over McGwire. Now the most infamous steroid user will have baseball's most cherished record. They, the baseball establishment, reaps what they sow.

That said, Bonds is one hellva hitter, regardless of the juice. At 43, he still leading the majors in OBP and the NL in OPS, the true measure of a hitter. The guy truly is amazing.

08-01-2007, 09:47 AM
For many of us, baseball will never be again

What it once was.

08-01-2007, 11:17 AM
For many of us, baseball will never be again

Thankfully it's still 60'6" from the rubber to the plate and 90' between the bases. There are nine in the field and three outs per half inning.

Along the same thread of thought. It was refreshing to see Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripkin inducted into the HoF this past weekend. Neither one used steroids, dealt cocaine, smacked women, or done many of the other asshole things many of today's "superstars" engage in. Moreover, they both played for the same team throughout their careers. Gwynn is as much of San Diego as the long lines returning from TJ and Ripkin is as much of Baltimore as a crab cake. Throwbacks to a bygone era.