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08-23-2007, 06:46 PM
Toddler put in dryer 'just for fun'

A man who seriously injured a 14-month-old girl when he put her in a clothes dryer and turned it on was only trying to give her "a fun time", a Perth court has been told.

Samuel Marc Barnes Siddall, 21, of Beldon, today pleaded guilty in the Joondalup Magistrates Court to causing grievous bodily harm after he put his girlfriend's daughter, Mia Jade Jeffrey, in the dryer for about two minutes on May 25.

Mia's mother, Marnie Jowett, who had left the toddler in Siddall's care while she visited a gym, returned home to find the toddler shaking with pain from burns to her hands, feet and back, and bruises to her face and spine.

Siddall, who at the time of the incident was studying at university to become a teacher, had told Ms Jowett he had no idea how the girl was injured, before taking them both to hospital.

Hospital staff reported the case to police because they thought the injuries were suspicious.

The court today was told Siddall had subsequently admitted during a police interview that he had put the toddler in the dryer "just for fun".

Siddall's lawyer Ronald Smith said Siddall would often give Mia "wizzies", when he would hold her hands and spin her around.

Mr Smith said when Mia spilt some medicine on her top, he took her into the laundry to dry it.

"All of a sudden he had a thought: she likes wizzies, she would probably like a wizzy in the dryer," Mr Smith told the court.

"His only thought at that stage was to give the child a fun time."

Siddall, who has no criminal record, had not acted out of anger or malice, Mr Smith said.

"He did not think of the ramifications, all he was going to do was give the child a wizzy," Mr Smith said.

Siddall was deeply traumatised and embarrassed over the incident, Mr Smith said.

Siddall, who used to be outgoing, had left university, and had become withdrawn from society, as if he was "punishing himself" for his actions, he said.
Magistrate Richard Bayly said he believed the act had been one of "unbelievable stupidity", rather than of malice, but may still send Siddall to prison when he sentences him on August 30.

Siddall's conditional bail was renewed.



08-23-2007, 07:01 PM
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08-23-2007, 09:20 PM
Siddall, who at the time of the incident was studying at university to become a teacher

..and he put a child in a dryer? for fun?
Perhaps he should rethink his career choice. :banghead

Poor little girl..hope she'll recover completely.