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10-29-2005, 07:31 PM
She learned so many things...
Her childhood was of plays
of cowboys and of fairies.
Her home was her whole world:
the family, the school
and the right, "approved" friends.
She tackled the geography,
the grammar, and the tables,
the good words
and good habits
and no thing that was bad:
of such sums...tis not spoken:
she didn't know out there
there were a thousand stories
of lives in great distress.

...And she followed the band:
got married, had the children,
taught them all the good models.
The rest... She simply ignored.

In her closed fists she sensed
a sparrow that was waking
to new tunes in her soul.

...And many years went by: the life
that she had chosen
was simply not a life.

With fear, very slowly,
she opened the cage
of her fists that were hiding
battered sparrow in chains.
And then she understood:
she had learned so few things...
In the end...she knew nothing.
And she left walking slowly
with great fear, walking deeply
in astonishment,
walking long, without pause.

On her palms, fully opened,
she could hear a drum
and the palpable happiness
of two fluttering psalms.

(Translated from Spanish by C A Folini)


Aprendió tantas cosas...
La infancia fue de juegos
de vaqueros y hadas.
Su mundo era su casa,
la familia, la escuela
y amigas "aprobadas".
Aprendió geografía,
gramática, las tablas,
y las buenas palabras
y las buenas costumbres
y lo malo de nada:
de esas cosas... no se habla.
No supo que allí afuera
había mil historias
de vida desgarrada.
Y siguió a la comparsa.
Se casó, tuvo hijos,
repitió los modelos.
Lo demás... lo ignoraba.

en sus palmas cerradas
un gorrión se agitaba.

Pasaron muchos años. La vida
que eligió no alcanzaba.
Con temor, despacito,
empezó a abrir la jaula
de sus puños cerrados,
gorrión que agonizaba.
Entonces se dio cuenta:
aprendió pocas cosas...
Al cabo... sabía nada.

Y se fue caminando,
muy despacio, con miedo.
Caminando asombrada,
caminando... sin pausa.

en sus palmas abiertas
se oía un batir de alas.

10-31-2005, 01:20 PM
Thank you so much for posting both versions.

This piece is so bittersweet, very touching. Thank you Tangui, I am so very happy to see you posting your work here.


10-31-2005, 06:24 PM
Thanks, IP. Always appreciate your time and your kind words. :)


11-03-2005, 05:19 AM
Hi Tangui.

A beautiful write. Poignant.


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Hi Tangui.

A beautiful write. Poignant.


Thanks for your time and comments.


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mas fina :thumbsup