View Full Version : Captured Muse

10-26-2007, 06:37 AM
he has a name, his name is Desire
holding you captive with his eyes of fire
making you burn for a touch of his lips
arching your body hoping he slips
Thinking you are safe in your walls made of stone
you guard your heart while he's making you moan
it isn't your heart he's breaking, you fool
he is absorbing your soul so he may rule
you can't see the evil that runs so deep
he is the reason the willow does weep
I love you says he hiding his sinister grin
come on climb up ride me again
I am so not done with owning your soul
you think you are free but I have control
dance for him you weakened muse
call it love when it's abuse
you crave his words though he stings
thinking you'll fly while he's clipping your wings