View Full Version : Illusionist /Swan Dive

12-06-2007, 07:42 AM

recycled thoughts
reused pictures
same story just different reader
nothing new there
an illusionist posing
as an alchemist
holding the philosophers stone
the myth of carmot
within your grasp
you give smoke and mirrors
a new meaning
I blew the smoke
you held the mirror
all I was seeing was myself
reflecting back

Swan Dive

amazing how I thought
you had so much depth
how I stood mesmerized
looking down into the murky water
poised ready to do my best
swan dive ever
arms go up forming a
perfect arch in my back
feet steady upon the rocks
feeling the warmth of the
sun upon my face
leaning forward

then right before I release my grip
on the firm ground
I look one last time
the mud has settled and I see
there is no depth there
just surface water
if I had dived, I would have crashed into the rocks