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12-18-2007, 03:10 PM
Always thinking of you IP..... :kiss

Happy upcoming anniversary my lady

Tranquil Scintilla

Yea, I have tasted her
Yet not drank have I to full
Of her bounty and grace
I have but known small sips
From her goblet gilded in peace

Peace, yea, I danced with her once
Upon marble, where curtsey met bow
And calm swallowed tumult
We danced in sway once
When youth dawned upon our cheeks in adorned attire

I gazed her valley lush green and good
And drank of her bounty
Yea death withstood
I as one, likened unto the wild ass of the desert
Did both draw and inhale her scent

I yes have known princesses
Have embraced on court floors
Have danced many a dirt jig
With peasant lass as well
From regal to common, my joy teased

I melt now as the ice does
When spring doth arrive
Peace measured out carefully
Modicum indeed
A grain strained by a gnat my portion to keep

Feeble now my crown
Futile my beam
Tranquility, Yes I knew once
And still, do yes, hold her
Tightly in my grasp, weak and lean.

To measure her greatness in the palm of my hand
One would need to measure the universe
Carefully upon bended knee
To understand well, the wealth I possess
That I yea, do grasp taut, in my palm of hand

'Tis my life and quest
That I squeeze tightly
Small spec I'll grant yes!
Nevertheless, let me say, 'tis all I possess
No more shall I say.

Rodney Evan Bohen

12-18-2007, 03:21 PM

....ah tranquil indeed....